John Brennan, Dhimm-bulb and Nominee for CIA Director

If this assclown gets confirmed, he’ll fit right in Obama’s idiocracy.

His views on the Islamic threat can only be described as pure dumbassity.

Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan, has shown a tendency to fall for the bait from radical Islamists. Globally, he repeatedly expressed a hope that “moderates” within Iran and its terror proxy Hezbollah would steer their respective constituencies away from terrorism.

Domestically, he claims that radical Islam does not pose its own, unique threat to American security. He has helped strip language about “radical Islam” and similar terms from government vernacular, choosing instead to refer to “violent extremism.” When it comes to jihad, he stubbornly maintains the word does not belong in conversations about terror, no matter what the terrorists themselves say.

In a 2008 paper, Brennan called on U.S. officials to “cease public Iran-bashing,” and recommended that the U.S. “tolerate, and even … encourage, greater assimilation of Hezbollah into Lebanon’s political system, a process that is subject to Iranian influence.”It isn’t working.

A Feb. 13, 2010 speech Brennan gave at the New york City School of Law was organized by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, whose members operate within the United States, with Obama’s blessing. During the speech, he soft-peddled jihad as a touchy-feely soul-searching struggle.  Meanwhile, the blood bath in the name of Islam continues unabated.

Critics of Obama’s Dhimmi-based counter-terrorism policies, in Brennan’s little mind, “only serve the goals of al-Qaeda”.

Brennan’s propensity to sweet talk and ass-kiss the muzzie zealots who commit atrocities worldwide and have stated in no uncertain terms that they are in a jihad against America, should have disqualified him from ever coming within 5000 miles of a security position. But then, look who got into the White House.

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