USS Cole Bombing Mastermind Complains He Got a Boo Boo While Being Transported to Court

Fucking waah!

From Pajamas Media.

An incensed defense team complained at Guantanamo today that, while being transported from his cell to the courtroom, accused USS Cole bombing mastermind Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri got red marks on his wrist.

The forgotten victims of the October 2000 attack in the port of Aden, though, had a message for the al-Qaeda suspect: “Stop hiding like a little girl behind the skirts of Lady Liberty,” in the words of Sharon Pelly, wife of USS Cole sailor Joe Pelly. And to the media: remember who the real victims are.

Al-Nashiri’s lawyers alleged the abuse of their client took place on his way to an afternoon session to hear video testimony from Dr. Vincent Iacopino, author of the UN’s Istanbul Protocol on evaluating torture victims to build a case against offenders.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Reyes began the session by telling Judge James Pohl about the “injuries” to al-Nashiri’s wrist, “some red marks” for which the accused terrorist requested and received medical attention. He asked that the marks be photographed right away, and sought immediate access to any video from the route between the cell and the courtroom.

“We’d like to get to the bottom of what happened,” Reyes said.

The prosecution had no objection to either request.

At a press conference after the day’s hearing, al-Nashiri’s civilian lawyer, Indiana criminal defense attorney Richard Kammen, said the red “scratch marks” were abrasions that would likely develop into bruises.

“He felt like the guards were very, very abusive,” Kammen said of his client, calling whatever happened “something that is certainly quite upsetting and it’s something that’s really quite disappointing.”

He blamed inconsistency in the changing of the guards and “not enough sensitivity, in our view, as to how these people are treated.”

And to make the circus even more lively, U.S. military judge Army Colonel James Pohl, ordered that a medical examination and testimony be completed by mid March to determine whether the defendant, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome or another psychological illness.

He’s a hard-core, brutal, unremorseful Islamofascist who planned a terrorist act that killed 17 U.S. sailors.  He’s not crazy, he’s a fucking enemy combatant.

Just a reminder for the Navy:


Those are the real victims, assholes. I suggest you do less whining over al-Nashiri and focus on getting justice for those slain sailors.  It’s sickening to think that any JAG officer would portray a muzzie terrorist shitbag as some kind of “torture victim”, when the mutherfucker should have a bomb strapped to his filthy ass and rendered into mush for what he did. That would be justice, but there’s far too little of that in the real world.

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