Juan “open borders” Hernandez

Juan “open borders” Hernandez spoke at Baylor University on 10 April 2008.  There’s been no online critique of the speech as yet, but here was the announcement:

Thursday, April 10, 2008
From staff reports

Juan Hernandez, author of The New American Pioneers: Why Are We Afraid of Mexican Immigrants?, will speak from 6 to 7 tonight at Kayser Auditorium in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.

Hernandez, who became the first person born in the United States to serve in the Cabinet of a Mexican president, writes extensively about immigration. He said in an interview Wednesday that his talk will focus on the importance of education to Hispanics.

Hernandez, who was born in Fort Worth, has a son who attends Baylor.

Link: http://www.wacotrib.com/news/content/news/stories/2008/04/10/04102008wacHernandez.html

Who’s ‘afraid’ of Mexicans?
I’ll tell you what I’m afraid of: 25 million ILLEGAL aliens who commit even MORE felonies once they cross the border. Our welfare, health care system, and economy being eviscerated at taxpayer’s expense. (READ: LEGAL CITIZENS) I’m afraid of our apathetic government, and careless attitude of the DHS toward national security. I’m afraid that once McCain gets into the Oval Office, he’ll appoint a jackass like Hernandez as Secretary of State.

New “American Pioneers”? This vato has got to be joking. First of all, the true American Pioneers endured hardships illegals never face. They had to settle an untamed wilderness, fighting the elements as well as hostile Indian tribes throughout their trek westward.

On the other hand, once Pedro and Consuelo get smuggled in, or in most cases, just traipse across the under-protected border, there are scofflaw employers, fellow illegals, and a plethora of misused government programs waiting to help.

Mexico, El Salvador, Honderas, Nicaragua, and just about every other cesspool in Central and South America thinks it’s easier to steal the American dream than earn it by becoming a legalized citizen.
The problem is south-of-the-border kleptocracies who foster corruption and encourage the dumping of human garbage into countries that actually reside economically, in the 21st Century.

I am curious as to just how ‘American-born’ Hernandez could be a part of a foreign cabinet, without renouncing his American citizenship. Then he comes back and joins the staff of an American Senator; John McCain. That has to be illegal.

Hernandez forgets ignores the fact that this a sovereign nation. We have the right to protect our borders; to enforce the policy of ‘here is where you stop, and you will not enter without permission’.

Be afraid….be very afraid.

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