Keith Ellison’s Abuse of Former Girlfriend Gets Worse

#beleiveher Unless she’s the victim of a DemProg muzzie radical.

Via Powerline Blog 

Keith Ellison is leading the race for Attorney General of Minnesota 41-36, according to the Star Tribune poll…….Revelations about Ellison keep coming out.

The latest comes from Karen Monahan, the second of the two women who have accused Ellison of domestic abuse. Monahan has released a medical record from the Park Nicollet Clinic, dated November 2017, that supports her allegation that Ellison abused her.

Monahan’s reference to “emotional and physical abuse” provides documentation of her story that would be admissible in court. It is hard to see on what basis any voter would think, based on the available evidence–including a transcript of a 911 call by an earlier Ellison girlfriend–that Ellison is not a domestic abuser.

The timing of all this is fraught, obviously. The Democrats are trying to block Judge Brett Kavanaugh from appointment to the Supreme Court, based on a patently false allegation of a non-criminal incident that supposedly happened 36 years ago, when Kavanaugh was a teenager. No Democrat has tried to reconcile opposition to Kavanaugh with support for the recidivist abuser Ellison.

Keith Ellison’s former girlfriend suffered repeated abuse and there are multiple 911 calls to back it up.

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