Kirsten Powers on Leftwing Media Misogyny and War on Women

In the world of leftwing moonbats, their pals get a free license to wage a flame war on women.

The Daily Beast

Did you know there is a war on women?
Yes, it’s true. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi, and Ed Schultz have been waging it for years with their misogynist outbursts. There have been boycotts by people on the left who are outraged that these guys still have jobs. Oh, wait. Sorry, that never happened.

Boycotts are reserved for people on the right like Rush Limbaugh, who finally apologized Saturday for calling a 30-year-old Georgetown Law student, Sandra Fluke, a “slut” after she testified before congress about contraception. Limbaugh’s apology was likely extracted to stop the departure of any more advertisers, who were rightly under pressure from liberal groups outraged by the comments.

But if Limbaugh’s actions demand a boycott—and they do—then what about the army of swine on the left?

During the 2008 election Ed Schultz said on his radio show that Sarah Palin set off a “bimbo alert.” He called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut.” (He later apologized.) He once even took to his blog to call yours truly a “bimbo” for the offense of quoting him accurately in a New York Post column.

Keith Olbermann has said that conservative commentator S.E. Cupp should have been aborted by her parents, apparently because he finds her having opinions offensive. He called Michelle Malkin a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick.” He found it newsworthy to discuss Carrie Prejean’s breasts on his MSNBC show. His solution for dealing with Hillary Clinton, who he thought should drop out of the presidential race, was to find “somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out.” Olbermann now works for über-leftist and former Democratic vice president Al Gore at Current TV.

Left-wing darling Matt Taibbi wrote on his blog in 2009, “When I read [Malkin’s] stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of balls in her mouth.” In a Rolling Stone article about Secretary of State Clinton, he referred to her “flabby arms.” When feminist writer Erica Jong criticized him for it, he responded by referring to Jong as an “800-year old sex novelist.” (Jong is almost 70, which apparently makes her an irrelevant human being.) In Taibbi’s profile of Congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann he labeled her “batshit crazy.” (Oh, those “crazy” women with their hormones and all.)

……But the grand pooh-bah of media misogyny is without a doubt Bill Maher—who also happens to be a favorite of liberals—who has given $1 million to President Obama’s super PAC. Maher has called Palin a “dumb twat” and dropped the C-word in describing the former Alaska governor. He called Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann “boobs” and “two bimbos.” He said of the former vice-presidential candidate, “She is not a mean girl. She is a crazy girl with mean ideas.” He recently made a joke about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator. Imagine now the same joke during the 2008 primary with Michelle Obama’s name in it, and tell me that he would still have a job. Maher said of a woman who was harassed while breast-feeding at an Applebee’s, “Don’t show me your tits!” as though a woman feeding her child is trying to flash Maher. (Here’s a way to solve his problem: don’t stare at a strangers’ breasts). Then, his coup de grâce: “And by the way, there is a place where breasts and food do go together. It’s called Hooters!”

Liberals—you know, the people who say they “fight for women”—comprise Maher’s audience, and a parade of high-profile liberals make up his guest list. Yet have any of them confronted him? Nope. That was left to Ann Coulter, who actually called Maher a misogynist to his face, an opportunity that feminist icon Gloria Steinem failed to take when she appeared on his show in 2011.


The intellectually bankrupt, hypocritical Left is engaging in its usual disingenuous squalling over Limbaughs’s comments, which pale in comparison to the vileness, filth, derangement, pornographic insultssickening comments about a child with Down’s Syndrome, and the incessant gutter speech which is hurled at conservative women from the leftard lowlifes.  All that pretense about being a female-friendly touchy-feely political faction just got blown to shit.

But that’s a staple of leftwing discourse toward conservative and Tea Party opponents and just America in general.

And there’s some bad news for the libtards who gleefully squealed over all of maybe 3 or 4 sponsors dropping Limbaugh’s show.

Looks like the alarm clock just interrupted your wet dream:

RUSH: I want to ask if you will indulge me for just a brief few minutes for some inside baseball stuff before we move on to our review of the issues of the day, politics and so forth, Super Tuesday, the results, and where we are.  The reason for this is, once again, so much misinformation about this program and advertisers is in the mainstream media.  People are reporting things that, A, are not true, and B, I don’t even think the people reporting it have the slightest idea what they’re talking about, nor do they have the ability to understand it.

But I know that many of you are spending a lot of time — God bless you — on the Web doing what you can to express your support for the program.  And judging from the reaction of my own brother, who sends me a note last night, “You really lost 28 sponsors?”  No, we have not lost 28 sponsors.  “Well, how can they say it?”  Because they lie and because they don’t understand how it works, and that’s what I want to try and explain.  In fact, folks, we have three brand-new sponsors that will be starting in the next two weeks.  Now, obviously, I’m not gonna tell you who they are today, but we’ve got three brand-new, full-fledged sponsors starting in the next two weeks.

Two of the sponsors who have canceled have asked to return.  We are being very careful about that.  Not gonna give you any names here.  One of them is practically begging to come back.  Everything is fine on the business side.  Everything’s cool.  There is not a thing to worry about.  What you’re seeing on television about this program and sponsors and advertisers is just incorrect.  And let me try to explain how this works.  Let’s take the claim that we’ve lost 28 sponsors.  Sponsors on this program are both local and national.  We deal with the national sponsors on this program.  We have 600-plus stations.  They sell their own commercials.  We don’t have anything to do with those sponsors.  We don’t get paid by those sponsors.  We have no idea who those sponsors are.

But because there’s a focal point on this in trying to dispirit you and trying to present a picture of this program that doesn’t exist and that’s untrue, they’re trying to make it sound like this is unprecedented — that it’s never happened before, it’s at an all-time high — and it simply isn’t the case. We have not lost 28 national sponsors. There are not 28 advertisers who were paying us who aren’t anymore. They are local commercial buys. Many of them may not even be running in my show to begin with. The advertisers are just saying, “If they are, pull ’em. We don’t want ’em in there for now,” but they’re staying on the local stations. These advertisers are not abandoning EIB affiliates.

Nobody is losing money here, including us, in all this. And that is key for you to understand. They are not canceling the business on our stations. They’re just saying they don’t want their spots to appear in my show. We don’t get any revenue from ’em anyway. The whole effort is to dispirit you. It’s to make you think the left is being successful in its campaign when it isn’t. In fact, the left is so fed up, they can’t see straight. They thought they had me. They thought I would be off the air by now. They can’t understand why I still am on the air. There is also another rumor going around that I am going to be suspended for a week. It is utter BS.


Anyone who reads my blog quickly realizes that I’m blunt, straightforward,  I don’t mince words, and I don’t care about hurting your feelings with the truth.  I use very pointed descriptive language when I write about liberal effete, Obama, Islamoswine, constitutional violators, and big government intrusion of citizen’s rights. Those slugs would gladly destroy our Democratic Republic in exchange for a kowtowing, U.N. subservient, eviscerated, Dhimmi, socialist, Euro clone.

I don’t give a shit what your opinions are or how you choose to express them.  At least have the guts to own them.  Limbaugh apologized for using the word “slut” in response to Fluke’s outright  lies and contrived victimology.  I’ve never witnessed any outpouring of mea culpas from the left whenever one of their own flings epithets at right-wing targets.  Instead, they hurl more.  Fine.

You want a war with lopsided rules.  Sorry ’bout that shit.   We, on the right side of the political spectrum, will not back down or be intimidated by you malfeasant, boorish, scat-mouthed windbags. We fight blow for blow.


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  1. okay all better now…when you used the words ed shultz…I lost interest…we revoked his man card years ago…he is a blithering idjit, loud mouth sumabitch…an’ I apologize to his mongerl momma…

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