Krauthammer to Totenberg: ‘How Come NPR Didn’t Fire You, as Well’?

The squirming liberals on the panel were very entertaining.

Hat Tip to Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin.

Today’s “Great Moments in Homina-Homina-Homina” participants are NPR’s Nina Totenberg and a couple other members of the Inside Washington panel.

Everybody on the panel was aware the kinds of things Nina Totenberg has said in the past that make NPR hypocritical for firing Juan Williams for violating NPR’s alleged “standards for their analysts,” but Dr. Krauthammer never came right out and actually ripped off that band-aid.

Part of me wishes Krauthammer would have recited the list of controversial opinions offered by not only Totenberg but other NPR analysts, but another part of me is glad he didn’t because the others on the defensive panel were bracing for that other shoe to drop at any moment. This prevented them from fully committing to their hole-riddled argument, thus raising the squirm-factor to about an 8.5 on a scale of 10:

Link to video:

Totenberg’s  “It’s a difficult line to draw” response was incredibly lame.  The line between commentary and reporting was moved and crossed by the liberal media decades ago.

Here’s Nina wishing AIDs on Jesse Helms and his Grandchildren:


NPR is a taxpayer-funded leftwing propaganda machine. Its reporters and commentators are stilted, and it’s never been the type of network to allow opposing voices in the ranks.  George Soros just infused millions of dollars into NPR, to buy reporters for the cause:

Congratulations, NPR. You’re officially a Soros tool.

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