Kristen Walker on the ‘Occupy’ers

Ms. Walker sums it up nicely, at RightWing News.

……You cannot love America while despising the very principles on which it was founded. You cannot love America and disregard the Constitution in favor of some vague concept of “social justice.” And that is what the OWSers are after: the magical, imaginary equalizing effect that will come from our government if we just give them enough power and enough money.
……The OWS protesters are ignorant of history, ignorant of economics, ignorant of the fact that the “equality” and “compassion” they espouse has historically led to quite literal destruction, starvation, and death. You cannot manufacture equality without tyranny.

Paying close attention to the Occupy protests these past few weeks has led me to believe that the majority of these people — and I use the word very loosely — are young, white, and at least semi-affluent, or born of semi-affluent parents. They seem terribly angry, but about nothing in particular, or everything in general, or something very odd, such as the fact that other people are unfairly making money while they, the protesters, are not. Meanwhile, the valuable service they seem to be offering up involves public yoga, public sex, public defecation, public sleeping, and public holding-up-signs-and-looking-for-news-cameras.

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