Obama Lies (Again) About Gunrunning, ABC Omits Comment From Interview

During an interview on ABC News’ Nightline, Jake Tapper asked Obama what he knew and when he knew about the gunrunning operation that armed Mexican thugs and resulted in the deaths of U.S. Border agents.   The question and answer was predictably censored from the program, but remains in the transcript:

Tapper: “Just to change the subject from the economy, the ‘Fast and Furious’ controversy. Aside from some of the more wild charges out there, this is a big scandal. The Justice Department, the ATF was moving guns and some of them were tied to crime scenes. what was your response when you first heard about it?”

Obama: “Well I heard about it from the news reports. This is not something we were aware of in the White House and the Attorney General it turns out wasn’t aware of either. Obviously Eric Holder has launched a full investigation of this, it is not acceptable for us to allow guns to go into Mexico. Our whole goal has been to interdict aggressively in the flow of weapons and cash flowing south into Mexico because the Mexican president, President Calderon, has done a heroic job of trying to take on these transnational drug cartels. So this investigation will be complete, people who have screwed up will be held accountable but our overarching goal consistently has been to say we’ve got a responsibility not only to stop drugs from flowing north, we’ve also got a responsibility to make sure we are not helping to either arm or finance these drug cartels in Mexico. So it’s very upsetting to me to think that somebody showed such bad judgment that they would allow something like that to happen and we will find out who and what happened in this situation and make sure it gets corrected.”

“People who have screwed up will be held accountable.”  Step up to the plate, mutherfucker. You’re it.

Holder bragged about that ‘bad judgement’ in 2009. Obama’s and Holder’s fingerprints are all over this shit. An operation of this type could not have been approved without Obama and Holder’s O.K.   Obama has his panties in a wad over “drugs” when the real problem is a leaky, unsecured  border that enables illegal aliens, south-0f-the border gangs,  and terrorists to traipse right through.  They added to the  problem by coming up with a scatterbrained plan to ‘track’ weapons to Mexican cartels.  Weapons, like illegals, have a way of disappearing.

Like I said, it’s just another item on Obama’s list of scandals and crimes.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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