Lawmaker Wants Obama’s Aunt to Testify Before Congress

Wanna bet B. Hussein shields her from testimony as well?

A Republican lawmaker wants to call President Obama’s aunt to testify to Congress about whether she was given preferential treatment when she was granted asylum — but her lawyers say she won’t appear.

After initially being ordered deported, Zeituni Onyango was granted asylum by an immigration judge last month. Rep. Steve King of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the House immigration subcommittee, said that raises questions that she must answer. He said he wants to invite Ms. Onyango to be a witness at a hearing Thursday.

“I am concerned about the public perception that favoritism played a role in the grant of asylum to Ms. Onyango,” Mr. King wrote in a letter to subcommittee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, California Democrat.

“In order to better determine whether favoritism played a role — especially because Ms. Onyango had been earlier turned down for asylum and was ordered to be deported in 2004 before her nephew became president — the subcommittee needs to hear from Ms. Onyango herself,” he said.

Ms. Onyango’s lawyers announced the ruling in her case, which Mr. King said makes the usually private asylum proceedings fair game for a congressional hearing.

There’s no doubt that Obama pulled some strings on a few puppets to get her asylum. If this had been anyone else, their ass would have been on the first plane smokin’ back to Kenya.

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