Leftie WaPo Reporter Reluctantly Admits “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Was a Lie

After pushing the racist narrative and throwing gasoline on the Ferguson fire, Jonathan Capehart, a writer for the Pravda on the Potomac, finally fesses up and admits what the rest of us knew all along.

The “hands up, don’t shoot” story is a lie.

From The Daily Caller.

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart,…wrote an editorial Monday admitting that the widespread allegation that Michael Brown was shot with his hands up was “based on a lie,” and acknowledged he was wrong to have spread it.

Capehart’s headline was simple and to the point: “‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie.” In the lede, he explained how he he was initially taken in by the prevailing narrative as it was spread on Twitter the night of the shooting, and how he repeated the claims the following Sunday morning while guest-hosting MSNBC’s “Up w/Steve Kornacki.”

“In those early hours and early days, there was more unknown than known,” he writes, “But this month, the Justice Department released two must-read investigations connected to the killing of Brown that filled in blanks, corrected the record and brought sunlight to dark places by revealing ugly practices that institutionalized racism and hardship. They have also forced me to deal with two uncomfortable truths: Brown never surrendered with his hands up, and Wilson was justified in shooting Brown.”

1. The current crop of miscreants in the DOJ are some of the worst racists in the country.  Missouri Lt.Gov. Peter Kinder sums it up:

“There is more racism in the Justice Department than there is in anywhere I see in the St. Louis area,”  Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said in an interview with NewsMaxTV Monday. “We are making progress. We’ve come an enormous way in 50 years. That’s not to say we don’t have still have more to do. But it is the left — it is the Eric Holder and Obama left — and their minions who are obsessed with race, while the rest of us are moving on beyond it.”
……“The whole blowup of this protest movement was based on the lie that never happened of ‘hands up don’t shoot,’” Kinder said in remarks that were first reported by BuzzFeed. “It’s bad enough the protesters were behaving that way, but we have a right to expect much more from the attorney general, the head of the Justice Department of the United States, and the president of the United States. And instead, what we got too often from them was incitement of the mob, and, uh, encouraging disorder in Ferguson and disrupting the peaceable going-about of our daily lives in the greater St. Louis region.”

2. Eric Holder has institutionalized racism as part of the DOJ for the last 7 years. He funded and organized anti-George Zimmerman protests, refused to prosecute Black Panther thugs, and his Deputy Assistant Attorney General implemented a policy of  ‘Never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority’.

Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, he never missed an opportunity to exploit trumped-up racial tension for political gain. When race riots broke out in Ferguson he made a special trip down there to fan the flames.

Holder used his position of power to enforce his racial bias and bigotry. Not a peep out of the assholes at the WaPo.

Capehart still refuses to acknowledge the whole truth:

“Through exhaustive interviews with witnesses, cross-checking their statements with previous statements to authorities and the media, ballistics, DNA evidence and results from three autopsies, the Justice Department was able to present a credible and troubling picture of what happened on Canfield Drive. More credible than the grand jury decision to not indict Wilson. The transcript of his grand jury testimony read like so much hand-holding by the prosecution.”

Bullshit. The grand jury made the correct assessment based on the same fucking evidence presented to the DOJ; The eyewitness testimony, the hospital photos of an injured Darren Wilson, and hundreds of documents presented to the grand jury, were more than enough.

That’s why Holder and his ‘troof ta powa’ coalition were forced to concede that the shooting was justified.

Capehart concludes:

“What DOJ found made me ill. Wilson knew about the theft of the cigarillos from the convenience store and had a description of the suspects. Brown fought with the officer and tried to take his gun. And the popular hands-up storyline, which isn’t corroborated by ballistic and DNA evidence and multiple witness statements, was perpetuated by Witness 101. In fact, just about everything said to the media by Witness 101, whom we all know as Dorian Johnson, the friend with Brown that day, was not supported by the evidence and other witness statements.”

Too little, too late. While the animals rioted, looted, and reduced Ferguson to ashes, the leftwing race pimps in the Obama regime and the media, fed the maws of the rampaging mob with all the race-baiting it could muster.

It didn’t matter to these punks that Darren Wilson was exonerated, they ruined his career. They exploited a dead thug for political gain. They demonized and targeted the entire white population and the local cops for a concocted story they knew damned well was a lie.

Fuck you Capehart. You come forward with a very weak explanation after months of this shit and you think we will forgive and forget. Motherfucker, we will do neither.


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