Leftwingnut Hilarity: Anti-Rove Protesters Have No Idea Who He Is

“We don’t know, they’re just paying us to carry these signs and scream slogans.”

From The Blaze. (Video at the link)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 1: We are out here so we can stop this Rove guy

Karl Rove is basically a–a guy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE 1: To stop Rove from getting votes. We’re trying to keep Obama in campaign so he can get President again.
President, one of the people trying to run for President.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 2: Just right now in the conference was my first time hearing his name.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 3: –he really helps spend money for the Neocon agenda

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 4: Karl Rove. Last I checked he was the guy on TV talking a bunch of lies–know what I mean? I’ve never seen somebody lie their way to the White House

Mitt Romney has had 24 donors. Barack Obama had half the nation donate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE 5: So we want Obama to get back in as President because he’s doing everything well. Everything, everything’s going great so we wouldn’t want nothing to jeopardize that at all.

One little genius used his camera time to use the hackneyed  phrase “neo-con agenda”, repeatedly.  He insisted Karl Rove is promoting the “neocon agenda”, but on the other hand, has no idea who George Soros is, what organizations he’s associated with, or how many billions of dollars he’s given to the lib-progs.

They are such tools. If wrenches ever become sentient, they’d be jealous.

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