Leftwingnuts Freak Over Twitter Trend #LiberalTips2AvoidRape, But Remain Silent Over Dems Who Think Women Should be a ‘Gun-Free Zone’

Leftie fruitcakes and hypocrisy strike again.

From Twitchy.

When Todd Akin suggested women have natural defenses against impregnation by rape-sperm, “women have ways to shut that whole thing down” became a punchline and political bludgeon for months. Dems insisted Akin was the spokesman for the entire GOP, Team Obama recruited Sandra Fluke to fundraise off of his remarks, and lefties targeted Akin with oh-so-civil rape wishes.

But when genius Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar insisted hysterical womenfolk can’t be trusted to accurately identify a rape threat, much less fend one off with anything more powerful than a 9mm whistle? Crickets from the For the Women™ crowd. Perhaps they agree with Salazar: It’s not “rape-rape” until a male Dem gives his stamp of approval, you dumb broads.

And when the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs issued tips for “passive resistance” to rape, like on-demand vomiting and fake menstruation? Chirp, chirp, chirp.

But somehow, the feminist pearl-clutchers found the strength to take up a new cause when they caught wind of @SooperMexican’s #LiberalTips2AvoidRape hashtag.

Liberal stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving.  Leftwing tweeters at the hashtag have gone absolutely bonkers and apparently have less of a problem with rapists then they do with women using a gun to shoot the mutherfuckers in self-defense. That, and the fact that they’re low information ‘tards.

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