Obama’s Reverse Midas Touch: Another Business He Touted Goes Under

Everything Obama touches turns to shit.

From Breitbart.

Remember Ray’s Hell Burgers, the burger joint Obama visited a couple of times early in his first term?  Dead.  Kaput.  The latest victims of the Obama Kiss of Death, in which seemingly every business he personally visits – especially those he touts as New Economy success stories – goes bankrupt.

Sometimes this is understandable, as in the case of those green energy losers he keeps picking.  But other times it really does seem like a curse.  And if he was a Republican, it would already be cemented in popular culture thanks to comedy skits where businesses fold up as soon as Obama walks in the door to order a sandwich.  But instead, we’ll probably get another four years of “irreverent” comedians telling us there’s no way to make fun of Obama.

Those  failed ‘green energy’ jobs were propped up with billions of taxpayer dollars.

For all the businesses who have to shutter: Not to worry, you didn’t ‘build that’ anyway.

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