Lesbian Activist Has Had it With the “Insane, Progressive Left”

This gal has some sanity and common sense; a rarity among liberals.

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Arielle Scarcella — a lesbian activist and popular, longtime YouTuber — has had it with the “insane, progressive left” and announced on a video Friday that she’s saying goodbye to it for good.

“Hi, I’m Arielle, I’m a lesbian, and I don’t think gender is a social construct. I don’t think cis-straight white men are evil. I don’t believe that genital preferences are transphobic or that there are 97 genders,” she says in a rat-a-tat pace as the eye-opening clip commences.

“I don’t think that male sex offenders belong in women’s prisons. I don’t think it’s normal for people to be praised for walking around with shirts that say, ‘Kill TERFs,'” Scarcella adds, referencing the acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” — a verbal kill shot for feminists who don’t buy into the transgender agenda. “I don’t think like these people, and I no longer want to be associated with them. I’ve reached peak LGBT; this is my coming out video.”

What’s immediately striking is how, um, conservative she sounds pretty much all the way through — which is not lost on Scarcella in the least.

“Some of you have noticed this change coming onto my channel within the past few years as I’ve gotten what some people would say more conservative,” she later offers. “And yeah, I have, haven’t I?”

“Never in my life have I been more canceled, tortured, tormented, harassed than by members of my own community,” Scarcella explains. “Never have I witnessed literal mentally ill individuals who are latching themselves on to the LGBTQ community without actually being LGBT for the sake of oppression points, external validation, and sympathy. Never have I seen such disrespect from younger LGBT people to the older lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocates who have been paving the way for us for longer than we’ve all been alive. Never have I seen people that use the word ‘bigot’ so frequently and not see the hypocrisy and irony in themselves saying it.”

She then confesses, “I’m coming out. I am officially leaving the left.”

Scarcella then offers examples of why she’s decided to take this momentous step:

“When it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer even list ‘LGBT’ or ‘women empowerment’ in my Instagram and Twitter bios without people thinking I’m part of this ridiculously woke cult; when we have rules and a pecking order of who’s able to speak and how long, even about their own bodies and experiences; when we have children drag queens and think it’s OK for them to perform sexually for adults …” she says, referencing pre-pubescent drag queen Desmond is Amazing.

Scarcella also noted a story about a transgender man who gave birth after a sperm donation from transgender woman, saying it makes “absolutely no sense” and does “nothing for our movement or for people understanding us.”

She also ripped a Huffington Post story about a bearded transgender woman and mocked that the subject was “deemed a speaker for lesbians” before noting her exasperation when “people say that ‘straight black men are the white men of black people,’ and I know what they mean, I no longer wish to be a part of this.”

In conclusion, Scarcella blasted the woke left as “ridiculously intolerant while preaching love” and noted its bald-faced pattern showing that “anyone who goes against the grain and thinks for themselves is immediately outcast — that’s not a community, that’s a hive mind cult … I no longer want to be associated with the ridiculously woke left.”


The trouble is when one of their own leaves the Prog cult, they get attacked. 



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