Lou Dobbs: ‘Obama’s Loathsome View of America’

Lou cuts loose.

……Enter Lou Dobbs on last night’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, who came out with guns blazing, referring to Obama’s actions on illegal immigration as “nonsense” and “madness,” and who alleged the Obama administration was displaying “ignorance” and “demagoguing the issue.” With talk like this starting to heat up, it looks like we have a preview of the next big potential issue in 2011.

What angered Dobbs most about Obama (and President Bush too) is his failure to adequately secure the border. Dobbs would be open to compromise on dealing with the immigrants who are already here illegally, but only after the border is adequately protected. That position is certainly sensible, but Dobbs’ intense passion on the issue drives him to unnecessarily ratchet up the rhetoric, telling Greta “the President, as you know, has expressed a very loathsome view of the American people and this country when he challenges the state of Arizona in court because they want to stop illegal immigration.”

Greta is justifiably frustrated that everyday Americans have to wait in lines for hours at airports to get back into this country when returning from vacation, yet crossing the Mexican border requires much less hassle. Dobbs agreed, but focused his anger towards Obama for trying to “game the political system” with the DREAM Act that emotionally focuses on “the kids” without addressing the real concerns of Americans.

Dobbs final words of advice to Obama:

“If [Obama’s] sincere in wanting to do something for the kids, he’ll start doing something for the American people and the citizens of this country first [including securing the border and ports, and enforcing immigration law]. . . . The more the President speaks in those artful, emotional tones, the less credibility he has and the farther away he is from achieving the trust of the American people.”

His fondness for illegal aliens and venom against those who want our laws enforced, aren’t the only examples of ‘loathsome view’:

For using jack-booted tactics to force government-run health care on the American people.

For violating the Constitution. Repeatedly.

For the wholesale economic slaughter of bank bailouts, a huge $800 billion “stimulus” payoff to special interests, and seizure of private industry.

For the Dem autocratic kleptocracy.

For trying to bring this country to its knees economically, politically, and militarily.

For an unemployment rate of 15%.

For adding $2 trillion to the national debt, which brings the current debt to over $12 trillion—and climbing.

For quadrupling the national deficit.

For the burden of debt on future generations.

The total evisceration of the Dollar.

A cabal of Senate and Congressional Democrats who make decisions behind closed doors.

For the assault on freedom of speech and Americans who demand answers from their elected officials.

For stocking your cabinet with Marxist/Socialist/Dhimmi appointees with a history of anti-American/anti-democracy ideology.

For creating a new entitlement culture.

For changing the methods and terminology of fighting Islamic terrorism into a PC fest.

For hiring a tax cheat as Secretary of the Treasury.

For pandering to despots during a world “apology tour”.

For insisting that “whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.”

For “fundamentally transforming” America into economic mush.

For declaring that opponents of illegal aliens, proponents of the Second Amendment, Tea Party patriots, and military veterans are “domestic threats”.


His entire conglomeration of Dem Bolsheviks have demonstrated their blatant contempt for the Constitution, the law, and Americans who speak out:

They have further shown their hatred in the form of some of the most oppressive and anti-capitalist legislation in history:

“Loathe” is an understatement.

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