Louisiana Sherriff Reports Illegals Getting Hired for Oil Spill Cleanup

Say it ain’t so.

A sheriff in suburban New Orleans has asked federal authorities to investigate reports that illegal immigrants are working on the Gulf oil spill cleanup effort.

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack A. Stephens says in a news release that his department asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement weeks ago to look into the reports.

Stephens says he wants to protect the community from “criminal elements” seeking to establish “criminal enterprises.” He says “we’re not worried about people who want to earn an honest buck.”

……Stephens says his office has set up checkpoints in areas affected by the spill and is working with agencies on a credential system for BP cleanup contractors.

ICE officials did not immediately return calls.


The ones “earning an honest buck” should be honest legitimate citizens.
Post-disaster operations provide an opportunity for illegals to sneak in and take advantage of employers violating federal and state law in favor of “cheap labor”.

After Hurricane Katrina,  70 American citizens were sent home from a construction site in Alabama and replaced with illegals that were transported to the area. The employers announced that “the Mexicans had arrived” and unceremoniously fired the Americans the same day.

The ICE is still hiding under their desks.

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