Mass Looting in Dem Controlled Cities

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At least 14 people forced their way into a Louis Vuitton store in Oak Brook, Illinois, last week, and made off with at least $100,000 in merchandise, according to CNN affiliate WLS-TV based on interviews with the Oak Brook Police Department.

Police told WLS the individuals rushed into the store at Oak Brook Center Mall on Wednesday, took out garbage bags and began filling them with store items. Surveillance video from the store, obtained by WLS, shows the chaotic scene as the masked shoplifters pour into the store grabbing handbags and other merchandise while shoppers rush out of the way.

Investigators have information on the three vehicles the thieves drove away in, according to Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger. Oak Brook is about 25 miles west of Chicago.

“We’re working those leads in order to potentially identify the suspects,” Kruger told WLS.

Kruger also told WLS his investigators are working with investigators in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, where police say eight people took off with $66,000 worth of merchandise from a Louis Vuitton store at Northbrook Court Mall in October. On November 1, at least 13 men wearing masks and gloves entered the same Louis Vuitton store and stole several items valued at $100,000. Northbrook is about 30 miles from Oak Brook.

……The thefts are also similar to incidents in California over the weekend.

San Francisco police said multiple people were arrested after a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco was ransacked Friday night.


Saturday night in Walnut Creek, California, a Nordstrom was ransacked by “approximately 80 suspects,” who got away in at least 10 different vehicles. One employee was pepper-sprayed and two others were punched and kicked in the mayhem.


Here’s why.

American Greatness

After a recent law made it no longer a crime to steal merchandise as long as the value of the stolen goods is less than $1,000, looters have committed robbery in broad daylight in many pharmacies, retail outlets, and other establishments. As a result, some chains have been forced to close many of their stores in the Bay Area to avoid further damage and loss of revenue in stolen products.

That law was passed in (surprise) California.

Everything Dems touch turns to shit.

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