Maxine Waters Wants to “Get it On” With the Tea Party

From the Denver Post.

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters told Denver Democrats tonight that Republicans are waging a war on women on issues ranging from health care to wage disparity.

During her speech at the 5th annual House District 7 Unity Dinner, she accused Republicans of attacking …Obama any chance they get.

“We cannot allow the opportunities that America stands for to be eroded by those who simply want to bring this president down,” she said.

She was cheered when she said, “After a good night sleep, I wake up the next day, and I say, ‘Come on, Tea Party, let’s get it on.’”

The shellacking the Dems got in the mid-term elections wasn’t enough to convince this old hag that it’s already on. Wait til ObamaCare is rejected by the SCOTUS and B. Hussein is shown the door in November.

BTW: Waters has been informed that the House Ethics Committee will continue the investigation into her numerous ethical and criminal violations.

It’s on, dirtbag.


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