Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘I’m Going to Continue to Enforce State Laws’

We need more law enforcement like Arpaio.

AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio on FOX News today:

“I’m not stopping anything. I’m going to continue to enforce those state laws regardless of what the federal government is trying to put pressure on me to satisfy all these activists, which by the way are in front of my building right now.”

“Three and half years they’ve been in front of my building. So, I’m not going to bend to the federal government, especially when we still have state laws to enforce.”

Sheriff Arpaio is undeterred by the arrogance of Obama’s ass-kissing policies toward radical illegal alien groups. Georgia, Colorado, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Arkansas, and Tennessee, have all enacted legislation designed to crack down on illegal aliens and the employers who hire them.

Since the federal government is always slow to do the job it’s required to do, it’s up to the states to pick up the slack. Kudos to people like Sheriff Arpaio.

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7 thoughts on “Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘I’m Going to Continue to Enforce State Laws’”

  1. off the reservation


    I do not know where you live and it really does not matter. I manage a ranch within 50 miles north of the border of Mexico. Our USeless Federal Govt has pretty much vacated its responsibility to its citizens to provide for the common defense. Illegal immigrants cross the border daily:

    -o- destroying the cattle
    -o- destroying the fences letting cattle lose on the highways where people are killed running into these cattle
    -o- destroying crops
    -o- “coyotes” raping their women in the middle of the night and burning them to the trees they are tied to
    -o- destroying and taking property that farmers and ranchers need in order to survive
    -o- shooting at US citizens who are trying to make a honest living
    -o- filling our hospitals without any form of reimbursement placing the burdens on our backs to pay their bills
    -o- packing our public schools with their children while they live off our food stamps and other “welfare” subsidies dragging down our economy
    -o- driving illegally on our highways without any form of vehicle insurance running up our premiums to pay for their neglect
    -o- being allowed to break our traffic laws because law enforcement knows they will never pay the ticket and there is no way to find them
    -o- most local law enforcement will do what they can to avoid dealing with illegal immigrants because they are afraid to tangle with La Raza

    This sheriff is taking a stand that few others take to protect people and their community. Obama’s political agenda is to make things so bad that he hopes the people of this country would cry for any solution while he uses non-US citizens to help vote him into office.

    Obama is the most vile sack of shit that any lowly dog could ever crap onto the front lawn of the White House. Obama is a traitor to this country and given a lawful investigation would be found so. Obama has supported aiding our enemies that kidnap our citizens along the border, that kill US citizens along the border trafficking their drugs using weapons that he and Holder supplied to them.

    I fully support his impeachment as a traitor as well as dereliction of his duties as called for under Clause 4, Section 3, of Article II of the US Constitution. Upon his conviction in the Senate and removal from office, be given to the custody of the Attorney General of the District of Columbia for prosecution as a traitor and subsequently found and executed as a traitor. This I pray to my ancestors and the spirits of my faith and culture. My ancestors kept these lands for thousands of years and you gave everything to a novice to totally screwed it up in three years. And one righteous man stands his ground in Arizona and every vile liberal creature descends upon him as the favored lap dogs of Obama/Holder.

    As all liberals are very fond of pointing out in a bumper sticker on the back of their cars: “No Peace without Justice.” Get ready to live in hell.

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