McCain Unleashes Real Feelings on Illegals

Ramesh Ponnuru, who writes for the National Review Online, reveals this behind-the-scenes rant by John McCain:

A Senate source whom I trust responds to my call for specifics:

McCain stood in the middle of the GOP cloakroom and yelled at several of his Senate colleagues because they deigned to have a vote — to have a vote — on Inhofe’s “English As the National Language” amendment to the 2006 immigration bill. He accused conservatives of being “divisive” and “insulting” Latinos for suggesting that immigrants ought to learn this language. He was nasty and unhinged. About 10 staffers witnessed this. He delighted in telling the conservative senators there that they were destroying the party with these efforts. This is what Santorum is talking about. He had antipathy for social and cultural conservatives’ efforts.

Yep, that’s right, John. Keep calling American citizens, who are totally pissed at your weakness on national and border security, “divisive”. What’s insulting is McCain’s inability to grasp the law or the concept of an immigrant’s assimilation into American life. Even if this sorry excuse for a Senator was the last Republican standing, I would not cast a vote for him.

McCain is an open borders crackpot who has illegal immigrant activist Juan Hernandez, on his payroll. His official title is “Hispanic Outreach Director”, and he’s dedicated significant effort to undermine the laws governing illegal aliens.

Hernandez’ ideas go something like this:

“We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people.”

That’s a direct quote. He’s lobbied for all kinds of unearned benefits for illegal immigrants, including driver’s licenses and the privilege of utilizing U.S. banks for loans. Hernandez is in direct violation of Federal statutes and with the help of McCain, has gotten away with it.

Michelle Malkin has a background on Hernandez here:


Ironically, Mexico has strict laws regarding foreigners and immigration that are enforced with impunity. Reconquista zealots on both sides of the border, want to annex the United States to Mexico. Newsflash: it ain’t gonna happen, amigos.

The tactics being used by McCain and company should serve as a warning. It’s an attempt at a Coup d’ Etat to circumvent and undermine the autonomy of the U.S. for south of the border blood suckers. We have a Constitution which spells out the consequences of treason. McCain and Hernandez need some remedial classes.

When I served as a United States Soldier I swore, under oath, to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

As long as there’s a breath left in this old Soldier’s body, McCain and his like-minded open-borders wackjobs will never succeed in eviscerating the sovereignty of this country.

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