PC Crap at CJTF-82 Operations

Some lunkhead at CJTF Operations in Afghanistan (it has to be an officer) has his panties in a wad over an upcoming anti-Islam film:

Ostensibly an exercise in the Party for Freedom’s right to free speech, Dutch politician Geert Wilders prepares to release a new anti-Islam film. Wilders will not comment on details of the movie but says it will show that Islam’s Holy Book, the Quran “is an inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror”.

Well, yeah, it is.

Wilders close political association with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and film maker Theo Van Gogh, sent Wilders into hiding after Van Gogh’s assassination by a Muslim extremist following the release of “Submission”, a film which criticized the treatment of women in Islamic society. The publication of the “Muhammad Cartoons” in September of 2005 caused protests and riots as over 200 people were killed by violence around the world. In Afghanistan there were protests in Maymana, Kandahar, Mehtar-Lam and Kabul. Violence in neighboring Pakistan was even worse.

Wilders website was one of several that re-published the cartoons after the initial violent demonstrations had begun, citing a defense of freedom of speech and igniting further violence. Polls immediately following the Van Gogh assassination predicted the possibility of the Party for Freedom winning as many as 29 seats (of 150) in upcoming Dutch parliamentary elections.

By October of 2005 the number had slipped to one, rising again to three following the “Muhammad Cartoons” controversy. While his party does favor immigration restrictions, especially from non-western countries; the corresponding surge in popularity provides a suspicious motive for his latest “exercise in free speech.” resulting in at least 5 deaths.

And what’s wrong with “free speech”?  The muslims sure as hell spew their version on a daily basis. Just read al Jazeera, the Arab News, or any one of a number of media in the Middle East.  Read about the raging Imams and their ‘call to jihad’. Their ‘exercise of free speech’ usually involves attacks against ‘infidels’ or taking a knife and pinning a Quran to the chest of somone who dared to call Islam the evil entity that it is.

But we’re the ‘haters’, according to CTJF-82 Ops:

A closer examination of the reaction around the world to the “Muhammad Cartoons” controversy reveals more than just Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom stirring the hate.

……While Wilders and the Party for Freedom stir the hate by blaming an entire religion for the actions of extremists, they also attract more of their own “fanatical” followers, increasing their own power. The headlines that resulted from the violence, the fear generated in communities around the world, an increase in “suicide bomber recruiting” all further the terrorist’s goals.

While the Party for Freedom preaches hate and fear to its followers, the terrorists preach hate and vengeance to their own.
Islam is not the first religion in history to have its tenets twisted and abused in support of one man’s or one group’s desire for power. There are a lot of questions to answer while convincing a teenager to strap on an explosives laden vest and blow him (or her) self up in a crowded market or busy street.

Link: http://cjtf-a.com/index.php/Recent-Events/Stirring-the-Hate.html

Didja get that? This historical genius thinks that we’re supposed to equate the Party For Freedom’s fortitude with Islamic-inspired savagery? Oh gawd, let’s not point out the obvious. Let’s not mention the inherent brutality put into practice by Islam’s ‘faithful’. The writer/s of this little oped piece need a good dose of reality.

I cannot believe that anyone with a couple of firing neurons would find fault with Geert Wilders anti-Islam film.  When he states that the  Quran “is an inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror”, he is telling the unvarnished truth.  If fighting the Islamofascists and witnessing the atrocities they commit  hasn’t convinced CJTF-82 Operations, then they need to extract their heads from their ‘sixth point of contact’.

This quote:

“While Wilders and the Party for Freedom stir the hate by blaming an entire religion for the actions of extremists….”

is a clear indication that whomever wrote that tripe has ever read the Quran. The muslims who attacked the United States on 9/11 and all who have engaged in beheadings, bombings, and vitrol are doing exactly what the 7th Century screed instructs. It should be required reading for CJTF-82 Operations personnel.

The writer trivializes the vicious murders carried out by muslims by alluding to abuse of other religions in the quest for power. In that case, maybe Christians and Jews should destroy a mosque or two. Or better yet, wait until a few thousand ragheads gyrate around the Ka’baa and wade into them with a shitload of bombs.

The trouble is, Western civilization hasn’t made it clear that Islam it is not conducive to a free society.  Look at the way the United States, Canadian, and European governments placate the so-called ‘muslim community’ with everything from ‘sensitivity training’ to labeling criticism of these miscreants as ‘hatespeech’.

Their vision of a world Caliphate will not stop until they’re all dead or finally realize that the rest of us don’t want to be subjugated to their brutal theocracy.

Muslims have been ‘stirring the hate’ since about 623 A.D.

The writer of this idiotic oped is, as author Mark Steyn so aptly put it, “auditioning to be a eunuch in the new Caliph’s harem.”
A word of advice, 82nd Airborne Operations: Quit with the PC crap and get down to the business of killing the enemy.
And don’t be coy about it, either.

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