Media Lapdogs Refuse to Call Obama on His Lies

Stating the obvious.

From Breitbart.

Other than his rather bizarre wistful recalling of how great things were in Nixon’s America, yesterday in an off-teleprompter stump speech, Barack Obama told two humongous whoppers. First, he distorted the Clinton years, as though those years in any way resembled, well, what the Obama years look like this very day. Secondly, he twisted his very first campaign, the most Chicago-style of Chicago-style campaigns, into some sort of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington struggle — when he ran unopposed.

……Over the airwaves and on the stump, Obama is currently running around the country portraying his opponent Mitt Romney as an outsourcer. This is a proven lie.

……Obama told students that a bill to freeze student loan interest rates would save them $1,000 a year when it will only save them $87.

……Just a few weeks ago it was revealed that Obama told no fewer than three-dozen falsehoods in his autobiography.

……We just learned that Obama lied about his relationship with a domestic terrorist.

……We just learned that Obama lied about his membership in socialist New Party.

And what have we heard from a media currently obsessed with fact-checking? Not a peep, not a sound, not a word.

Both  Obama and Holder have lied consistently about Fast and Furious gunrunning. Janet Napolitano also lied about it during sworn testimony. 

Obama’s entire life story has been embellished to the point of absurdity in his “autobiographies”, and he’s not averse to using his dead mother as a prop for ObamaCare or fabricating imaginary people to fill the void left by his lack of credibility.

The leftwing media conglomerate foisted this despicable fraudulent shitbag into office. You really don’t expect them to backtrack, in spite of their heartbreak.

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