Obama Seeks Control of All Communications During National ‘Crisis’

Emperor Obama has just drafted an Executive Order that would give him control over the communications network in America, should a national crisis arise. ‘Control’ and ‘crisis’ are two words you don’t want associated with a hubris-filled nutsack like Obama.

Sec. 6. General Agency Responsibilities. All agencies, to the extent consistent with law, shall: (a) determine the scope of their NS/EP communications requirements, and provide information regarding such requirements to the Executive Committee;

(b) prepare policies, plans, and procedures concerning communications facilities, services, or equipment under their management or operational control to maximize their capability to respond to the NS/EP needs of the Federal Government;

(c) propose initiatives, where possible, that may benefit multiple agencies or other Federal entities;

As if his tyrannical socialist edicts like ObamaCare and blanket amnesty to illegal aliens weren’t enough, he’s now seeking total control of all communications during ‘crisis’; likely manufactured. November cannot come soon enough. He and his cabal of Dem thugs will be out of the White House.

3 thoughts on “Obama Seeks Control of All Communications During National ‘Crisis’”

  1. william wallace

    With a stroke of the pen BARACK removed rights to a trial
    where one refused legal representation. No charge made
    no court appearance. One simply left to rot in a prison cell
    where being deprived of all human rights / it being Barack
    & backers prepared the way in doing anything they please.

    You do not know how close to the truth you having come
    in your words as picture of BARACK whom but repeating
    history of the past / where no lessons having been learnt.

    Politics now so corrupt / where politicians being bought &
    sold wherer pushing the agenda of their wealthy backers
    the true purpose of govt long forgotten / international law
    abandoned as domestic law where the threat of terrorism
    used as a means to strip the people of their human rights.

    In an USA bid of worldide political military domination the
    nations resources used in bribing politicians / funding its
    military intentions / unto amounts that astromonical / the
    result the social structure of the nation collapsing / being
    starved of funding // peaceful protest by the people / but
    reported by the media that the protesters being terrorists.

    There being one outcome the USA govt via the media
    continue avert the focus OFF them / unto more media
    propaganda / that the nations problems are the cause
    of others … thus more propaganda against IRAN agin
    RUSSIA agin CHINA thus ever more military & political
    propaganda // followed by more pointless acts of dire
    behavior / more death / destruction /torture /suffering.

    There realy need be a time out where people / come
    to their senses. Putting out the fire by pouring petrol
    on it is not the solution / international law / as that of
    domestic law should once again be put back in place
    thus in providing a safe boundary /for ones behavior.

    Killing does not win a disagreement / it simply means
    one’s committed a crime of the most grevious nature.

    One need learn of history / not repeat the mistakes.

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