Mexico Arrests Another Suspect in Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Murders

From Fox News.

Mexican federal police announced Friday that they have arrested a suspect in the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, the slaying at the center of the scandal over the botched U.S. gun-smuggling probe known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Jesus Leonel Sanchez Meza is one of the five men charged with killing Terry in December 2010 during a shootout in Arizona near the Mexico border. One is on trial in Arizona and the other three remain fugitives. Sanchez was arrested Thursday in Sonora state.

Two guns found at the scene were bought by a member of a gun-smuggling ring that was being monitored in the Fast and Furious investigation. Critics have knocked U.S. federal authorities for allowing informants to walk away from Phoenix-area gun shops with weapons, rather than immediately arresting suspects.

“This is a long-awaited arrest and a great development in the murder investigation of Brian,” Robert Heyer, Terry’s cousin and chairman of the Brian Terry Foundation, said in statement on behalf of the family.

“To the extent closure can ever be realized this is an important part of the process. However, the key issue of government accountability remains. Why was the operation that killed Brian authorized and who will be held to account? These questions must be answered no matter how high we must look to get them. The family looks forward to the pending Inspector General’s report,” he said.


The two main perpetrators at the top, Obama and Holder, have lied about and covered up their involvement in this disaster. The blood of Brian Terry is on their hands.


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2 thoughts on “Mexico Arrests Another Suspect in Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Murders”

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  2. It comes down to a bunch of cowards in Washington, DC. The failed Fast and Furious should be over and yet the documents remain hidden. Why is that? Plainly, there is coverup. The coverup leads to TREASON by HOLDER and OBAMA. Instead, the Obama-controlled DA for the District of Colombia is derelict in his duties, having been given a lawful order to bring in the treasonous HOLDER.

    How this process should proceed is the release of all documentation for Fast and Furious. Once that comes out, I am very certain the evidence showing material aid to our enemies will become quite evident. Then both Holder and Obama should be IMPEACHED for their treason. Upon conviction in the Senate, a Write of Habeus then drawn up for the incarceration of both Holder and Obama under a special prosecutor appointed by Congress, should be executed. Then a trial for the charge of treason commence in accordance with the laws of our land. Upon a finding of guilty, execution of a sentence most fitting for filth holding high office committing treason resulting in the death of innocent citizens of the US and Mexico.

    Obama and Holder are both filthy liars and murderers and should be judged and held accountable like any other citizen of this country. Instead, the filthy shits of liberals are evading and perverting every aspect of our law. Liberals KILL. Liberals kill young innocent lives. Liberals are the most wretched filth to ever ooze upon this planet and steal our money to buy votes from lazy criminals sucking off many of the Obama welfare programs.

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