Mickey Kaus is *Shocked*

Just what the hell did he expect from the snob-in-chief?

I was surprised to learn that there were special VIP areas at several otherwise extremely enjoyable pre-inaugural parties. Talk about a violation of social equality: how can a party claim to want all Americans treated equally if, you know, the party doesn’t treat them equally? Why aren’t these things stigmatized like skyboxes at ballparks? These events weren’t even fundraisers, for the most part–it wasn’t as if the VIPs had paid extra for exclusive first class seats. It was pure status rank–i.e., social inequality.

Newsflash, Mickey: the Democratic party duped the braindead ‘working class’ into believing all that shit about ‘equal treatment’, years ago.

It’s like watching a shmuck return to the same slimy used car salesman expecting a quality product, but getting a lemon.


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