Mignon Clyburn: ‘Nappy Headed Children Deserve Free Internet Access’

If a white conservative had said something like this, they’d be pilloried.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, daughter of Congressman James Clyburn:

“Those lessons help shape the way I approach my job and what we call broadband. Every community, every nappy headed, yes I said it, every nappy headed child deserves to be not only connected but to be proud of who he or she is.

That little gem was declared after she launched into a story about a white “Miss Alice” for whom her grandmother worked. “Miss Alice” addressed her grandmother by her first name in spite of being half her age, and apparently gave Clyburn’s grandmother hand-me-down shoes that weren’t even her size.
Leftwing black activists are all about exploiting their own people for political gain. This is what passes for modern day “civil rights”. Newsflash for Clyburn: NOTHING is free. Even the internet provided “free” to people at the local library is paid for by the taxpayer.

Her father, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) uses race baiting as part of his M.O.:

Clyburn bears responsibility for the evidently false charges of racial slurs being hurled at civil rights hero turned congressman John Lewis of Georgia during the Capitol Hill protests March 20 against Obama-care. Herszenhorn and Hulse gave Clyburn (who has a history of making dubious accusations of racism) an unimpeded platform to indirectly repeat his allegations.

Since the Left endorses an entitlement culture, I want my cut. I’m sick to death of blacks like Clyburn resurrecting the corpse of slavery and color discrimination to compensate for lack of work ethic and personal accountability. As a former Soldier who was raised in a working class family, I was deprived of all of the freebies I feel I’m entitled to. I had to earn everything I have, and I feel cheated for not getting the same privileges as those evil rich folk. What do you say, Mignon? How ’bout a little free internet for this poor, struggling retired Soldier on a pension. My hair ain’t nappy, but I deserve to be connected, for free.

I’ll send you the bill.

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