Muslims Spread More Peace Bombs in Sweden

It’s hard to believe a tolerant, socialist paradise like Sweden would be a target for muzzie hate.

A failed terrorist attack in a central Stockholm district full of Christmas shoppers could have been catastrophic, Swedish authorities said late Saturday.

Police are investigating whether two explosions in Stockholm, an e-mail threat sent shortly before the attack that mentions Afghanistan and the body of a man who was apparently killed in one of the explosions are related.

……Swedish news agency TT received a warning ten minutes before the bombing. The warning was a recorded message in Swedish and Arabic, which arrived via e-mail, in which the attackers criticized Sweden for not taking action against a caricature of Muhammed, drawn by Lars Wilkes.

“Our actions will speak for themselves, as long as you do not stop your stupid war against Islam, your humiliation of the prophet, and your support of the pig Wilkes,” the warning said.

Sweden tolerates everyone except those who point to the radical Islamic element in the country that wants them dead:

The Associated Press’s Karl Ritter clearly doesn’t recognize how close to parody his report (“Rightist group jolts Sweden’s tolerant self-image”) on the mini-rise of the right-leaning Sweden Democrats Party is (I’ll use “SD” as an abbreviation in this post).Ritter is not afraid to label the SD, but won’t label others. He begins by telling us that the SD is “far-right” because it is “preaching sharp cuts in immigration and calling Islam the greatest threat to Swedish society” — conveniently, I believe, omitting the term “radical” in describing Islam. Other parties, of course, are “mainstream.”

The AP reporter describes Sweden as having “a self-image of being more tolerant.”

Self-image notwithstanding, a reader who gets as far as the nineteenth paragraph of Ritter’s report learns that “tolerance” is a decidedly one-way street (bolds are mine):

In some cities immigrants are nearly 40 percent of the population, and in certain neighborhoods nearly 90 percent.

What worries many Swedes is the clustering of immigrants in neighborhoods with nicknames such as “Little Baghdad.” Few native Swedes ever set foot in these districts, viewing them as dangerous slums infested with criminal gangs and Islamic fundamentalists.

Critics say the extent of those problems are often exaggerated by the Sweden Democrats, but there is no doubt that Sweden is becoming increasingly segregated.

I’d add that Sweden is becoming an Islamofascist satellite.

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