More Jackassery From the ‘Occupy’ Idiots

The one thing about these cockroaches crawling out from the woodwork to put their behavior on display, is that the entire world gets a good look at just how repugnant and stupid they are.

Remember Rep. John Lewis? He’s one of the Dem assclowns who smeared the Tea Party with accusations of “racist” and also claimed that he was spit on and called racial slurs. All of which  proved to be a lie. He never retracted his false accusations, even after the proof was shown repeatedly.

Mike Flynn at Big Government, describes the way Lewis was treated at one of the “protests”:

Rep. John Lewis, a veteran of real protests to win real freedoms and rights, asked to be able to address the young, overwhelmingly white, protesters in Atlanta, during one of their “General Assemblies.” So far, so typical. Anytime a group of people gathers for a political event, politicians of all stripes will often want to speak to the crowd. And, invariably, accommodations are generally made to let this happen. After all, an elected officials adds a certain amount of ‘legitimacy’ to the meeting.

Instead, some of the protesters objected to Rep. Lewis speaking. Partly because it wasn’t yet “time” for speeches, but also because letting him speak at that time would suggest he was “above” or “more important” than anyone else there. (The second obsession of these protesters.) That the whole farce played out WHILE Rep. John Lewis was standing there is delicious. The awkwardness is palatable.

What must have been going on through Rep. Lewis’ mind, as one young while college kid after another spouted off that it wasn’t yet “time” for him to speak? The man marched through Selma and was beaten to secure basic equal treatment of blacks and here are a bunch of privileged, progressive white kids telling him, sorry, you can’t speak to us.

This happened as some neo-Bolshevik asshole was giving Simon Sez instructions through a megaphone, and telling the assembled morons that “we want everyone’s voice to be heard”.

Hey Lewis, still think those leftwing slugs are your friends?

Joining in the circus is the usual gang of idiots; Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, and Hugo Chavez.

There’s also the collection of opportunistic slugs who are here for the partay:

The Occupy Wall Street protest has drawn an unwelcome crowd of freeloaders who joined the movement for the sex, drugs and free food — and they are blending right in.

The opportunists — ranging from addicts in need of a meal to well-off teens looking to hook up — have in some cases taken up residence in the demonstrators’ makeshift village in Zuccotti Park, upsetting the movement’s organizers.

Most of the kids are trust-fund babies. They don’t need to be here,” said Andre, 40, an activist. “I’ve seen some making out, having sex. It doesn’t look good.”

The anything-goes attitude led to a scare early yesterday morning, when a 23-year-old Brooklyn man nearly overdosed after downing a mix of liquor and Robitussin cough syrup.

“He was robo-tripping,” said a woman who knew the man’s first name only, Zachary, and that he had been homeless before camping out in the park starting seven days ago.

There was a leftover 60’s hippie strolling around in an old East German Army uniform, insisting it’s a reminder of “class war”.  The Soviets, he says, “won WWII”. Uh huh.

Reason TV has an expose on the ‘protesters’:

Down with banks, student-loan debt, and expensive elections! Up with barter…capitalism…and…Mitt Romney?!?!

On October 4, 2011, visited the Occupy Wall Street protests at Liberty Square in Lower Manhattan, on Day 18 of the ongoing demonstration.

The crowd was relatively small at about 300, and included educated but unemployed workers, college students and recent graduates, homeless drifters, performance artists, 9/11 truthers, and a not-insignificant number of journalists.

The “leaderless” movement is made up of more than a dozen smaller groups, such as the “Information” group with Macbooks hooked up to generators who maintain the “OccupyWallStreet” Twitter feeds and liveblogs, a “People’s Library” consisting mostly of donated leftist literature, and a well-stocked kitchen where organic vegetables are sliced for communal salads.

Student loan debt, campaign finance reform, and general anger with the sluggish economy were the more frequent grievances aired, but the demonstrators are hardly monolithic in their passions or opinions. Among the boilerplate anti-capitalist rhetoric included a lifelong Democrat professing his support for Mitt Romney, an unemployed aviation mechanic declaring his continued support of capitalism and disgust at corporate welfare, and a homeless man expressing skepticism that any of the protestors would remain in the park if just “one bad wind” rolled through the area.

……Reason recapped the list of demands of the self-professed “99%,” which include free college education for all and a minimum wage of $20/hr. Read that at

……Go to for downloadable versions, and subscribe to’s YouTube Channel to receive notifications when new material goes live.

The hacks in the leftwing media may adore these scumbags, but the rest of America hasn’t developed a taste for lazy, unwashed derelicts whose idea of ‘activism’ is trashing their communities with vandalism and screaming incoherent obscenities at the “establishment”.

In contrast, the Tea Party was formed in response to an out-of-control government and a (former) Dem majority in Congress who held the Republic and the Constitution hostage while they rammed ObamaCare through Congress, declared a class war, and inflicted considerable damage on this country since Obama took office.

There’s a huge difference between American patriots who demand that elected officials follow the U.S. Constitution, and the raging moonbats who want to “occupy” everything except a job and a responsible lifestyle.

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