More Leftwing Idiocy in the Wake of the Boston Terrorist Attack

As if what they’ve done so far isn’t enough, they feel compelled to double down on their contemptible behavior.

A professor at the City University of New York complains that “too much force” was used to catch the muzzie excrement who committed a violent atrocity, then went on the lam. We should have asked them to stop before they carried out the rest of the planned bombings, “pretty please”.

A muzzie Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington D.C.,  opines: “they were just caught between two worlds, and our world did not sufficiently embrace them”.

Akbar Achmed is practicing the tactic known as Taqiyya. Nice try, muzzie. No dice.  Blaming America for your violent theocracy and the acolytes who carry out the proscribed “religion” in a 7th Century screed ain’t gonna cut it.

Here’s what the “peaceful religion of Islam” does on a daily basis:

Allah U Fuckbar.

Keith Ellison (Islamist-Minnesota) claims it “Has more to do with politics than religion. Let’s not cast a wide net and just go after a whole religious group”   Let’s not go after the very group of religious fanatics who justify their slaughter with their religious ideology.

Richard Falk, a U.N. Human Rights Council “expert”,  says the attacks are justifiable “resistance.” In his words: “The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world.”

Richard is one of those assholes who can’t get enough of America’s ‘comeuppance’. Like Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky.

The contingent of anti-American shitbags are quite content to run their mouths in the very country that protects freedom of speech, instead of making a beeline for a country that would suit their ideology; like North Korea, China, or any one of the Islamofascist nation-states in the Middle East.  Funny how that happens.

If there’s a god, Falk, Chomsky, and Churchill will fall prey to their own retarded sympathies in a terrorist attack; preferably all at once.

The surviving muslim terrorist bomber, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, has a fan club full of like-minded muslims, teenaged shit for brains, and young puerile sycophants whose lives are heavily influenced by the rampant ignorance on social media instead of facts, proof,  and common sense.

9/11 wasn’t enough to convince idiotarians that the muslims want us dead.  Neither were the subsequent attacks at Ft. Hood, Times Square, nor the endless murders carried out in the name of Islam since. Whenever muslims commit another atrocity for allah, the apologists come crawling out of the woodwork to blame America and claim that they’re innocent victims of a set up.  Their muslim allies who have taken up residence in this country are overjoyed with the support.   Speaking of allies, the Dhimmi-in-Chief in D.C. would be a great eunuch for the new Caliphate.

Every time I read the splooge that comes from dickbags like Falk, Chomsky, Churchill, and the morons on Twitter, I wish they could be exchanged for the innocents who were killed on 9/11.

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