Must Watch Video: Jeanine Pirro Rips Obama a New Asshole Over His ‘Red Line’, Credibility, Incompetence, and SCOAMFery on the World Stage

Some of the gems in her commentary:

“You have no credibility. To be credible, one must be clear and constant. Your actions must be swift and certain. You lost credibility when you left Americans on that rooftop in Benghazi, but fired up Air Force One to go to your Las Vegas fundraiser. It was a clear signal to the world that it’s open season on Americans, even including an Ambassador.”

“What is the American strategic interest?  What is the end game? Did you think this one out or is politics so much a part of your calculus that it’s all about you?  A ‘shot across the bow’ to hold Assad accountable?… To deter this behavior in the future?  Do you really believe after this man killed 100,000 people that he’s afraid of you? And since you don’t intend to take Assad out and expect him to weather this,  you make the United States look even weaker.”

“Little Syria” survives an attack by the most militarily powerful country country in the world. Well, at least we were until YOU showed up.”


Transcript, HERE.

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