Muzzie Rampage in Cairo

The Islamic bloodbath continues.

At least 40 people were killed Monday in clashes outside a military building in Cairo where supporters of the former president were holding a sit-in, an Egyptian health ministry official said.

Ministry spokesman Khaled el-Khatib said initial reports also indicated at least 322 were wounded, although he gave no details on the circumstances of the killings.

Eyewitnesses tell Fox News that Muslim Brotherhood supporters were fired upon with birdshot and rounds from automatic weapons at around 5:30 a.m. local time, during morning prayers. Fox News sources who were at the scene shortly after the shooting described seeing Muslim Brotherhood supporters with large chest wounds and fatal gunshot wounds in their backs.

The Muslim Brotherhood have blamed the attacks on the Egyptian military who were standing guard over the demonstration near to the Raba El Adwyia mosque.

The military are blaming the attacks on so-called “terrorist” groups. Late Sunday night military helicopters dropped leaflets on pro-Morsi protesters in the Cairo university area calling on Morsi followers and terrorists to end their protests.

Al Nour, Egypt’s second-most prominent Islamist party after the Muslim Brotherhood, has said it will withdraw from negotiations with the interim government and the Muslim Brotherhood has called for its supporters to “rise up” against those who want to steal the revolution.

Morsi’s supporters call for ‘intifada’, which is exactly what they’re doing now.

The parade of Al Qaeda thugs hoisting flags, meting out beatings and throwing people off ledges:

Islamist supporter: A man with a long beard wearing a white tank top and jeans carried the black-and-white flag of Al-Qaeda

Victim: The first teenager falls off the ledge and lies motionless as the mob gathers around his body

Attack: The boy does not move as the men close up on him and begin beating him


Meanwhile, the idiots in Congress still can’t bring themselves to cut aid to Egypt:

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has led the call to suspend the $1.5 billion in annual aid to Egypt, citing long-standing U.S. law that funds be cut off when an elected president is removed in a military coup.

“It was a coup,” he said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” restating comments similar to those he first made Friday. “Reluctantly, I believe we have to suspend aid, until free and fair election.”

Later in the day, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker said the United States should first focus on trying to restore calm in Egypt, where street demonstrations and clashes between members of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood political party and Morsi opponents over the past several weeks have resulted in at least 36 deaths.

“Our role right now should be one of applying calm,” Corker, the highest-ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told “Fox News Sunday.”

……Sen. Jack Reed, D- R.I., agreed with Corker later on the show.“We have to be a force of stability,” he said.

Stability!? That’s a fucking knee slapper.  ‘Stability’ in the Middle East means that  despotic regimes maintain  ‘peace’ by through fear and brutality.

The $1.5 billion in U.S. foreign aid slated for Egypt next year is in jeopardy after the Egyptian army deposed democratically elected

The ‘long standing U.S. law’ McCain  speaks of is Section 508 of the Foreign Assistance Act which stipulates that “none of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available pursuant to this Act shall be obligated or expended to finance directly any assistance to any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by a military coup or decree.”

When the government decides to aid and abet enemies of the United States, it always comes back to bite us in the ass.
You can’t buy love when it comes to foreign policy.
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