Kerry Yachts While Egypt Explodes

When the going gets tough, the tough go on vaycay.

Amid the turmoil in Egypt, Republicans ripped Secretary of State John Kerry for being on his yacht Wednesday as former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was turned out of office.
A Web ad released Saturday by the National Republican Senatorial Committee showed Kerry windsurfing with the caption “Was John Kerry on his yacht? He wasn’t” before reversing the footage and saying “He was.” The ad then cut to the photo of Kerry on his yacht, “Isabel”.

State Department finally admits:

The State Department admitted Friday that Secretary of State John Kerry was lounging on his private yacht off Cape Cod during the military coup in Egypt.

The admission reverses earlier claims by a State representative that Kerry was hard at work on the Egypt portfolio throughout the crisis that led to the ouster of democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi. It also raises uncomfortable comparisons with the Obama administration’s less-than-forthcoming response to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. embassy in Libya last fall.

State Department spokeswoman Jen  Psaki issued a statement Friday acknowledging that Kerry was “briefly on his boat on Wednesday” but claiming that the Kennedyesque pleasure outing in Nantucket Boat Basin was merely a respite from the secretary’s response to the Egypt crisis.

“Secretary Kerry worked around the clock all day,” Psaki wrote……

Yeah, it’s exhausting mixing martinis and steering that luxury boat through Cape Cod.

Kerry’s taking his cue from Obama, who escapes to the golf course in Hawaii when foreign policy shit hits the fan. Both Obama and Hillary were AWOL during the Benghazi disaster.

There’s another way to look at this:  the more Kerry and Obama stay way, the less damage they can inflict. It’s the lesser of two evils.

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2 thoughts on “Kerry Yachts While Egypt Explodes”

    1. OTR:
      Of course. NPR has functioned as a radical Islamic mouthpiece for awhile. Betsy Liley, former NPR Director of Institutional Giving, (yeah, that’s a real title) was busted during a video sting conducted by James O’Keefe’s undercover reporters. She offered ways to hide $5 million of the faux Muslim Brotherhood group’s donation from government audits. She also liked the idea of NPR being referred to as “National Palestinian Radio”.

      Like I always say, lefwtingnuts are quick to advocate the very regimes to which they would never subject themselves.

      SFC MAC

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