Muzzie Violence Spreads Across Middle East (UPDATED)

The Arab Spring in full bloom.

Muslim mobs storm embassy grounds in Yemen.

Iran’s ‘supreme leader’ issued a new fatwa against the West.

Embassies in 7 countries on alert.

Photos of rioting muzzies assaulting United States embassies — destroying flags, burning buildings, and smashing windows in the name of Islam.

Embassies in Sudan and Tunisia attacked.

U.S. embassy in Jakarta attacked.

A muzzie cleric on Egypt’s Islamic TV spews that the Muslim Brotherhood will rule the world.   The Brotherhood is a pal of Obama, remember.

Again, why in the fuck is our government sending millions of taxpayer dollars to these filthy ragheads? Obama still has plans to bail out Egypt.


The funny thing about this whole debate is watching the leftards disintegrate into grand mal seizures over Obama’s epic foreign policy fail.  The Middle East has gone from bad to worse with an explosion of Islamic violence and Dear Leader decides a Vegas trip, an appearance on Letterman, and inviting one of the very scumbags responsible for the violence—Mohammad Morsi—to the White House for candy and flowers.

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