Leftwing Media Shills Start Covering for Obama on Middle East Fail, Slam Criticism

Ann Coulter’s input is spot on:

“You know that Romney’s statement was devastating to President Obama because the media is screaming bloody murder”

And here comes the screaming bloody murder:

Reporters caught on open mic coordinating hostile questions for Mitt Romney.

NBC hack David Gregory attacks Romney for his statement criticizing Obama’s weak response to the embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya.

Chuck Todd, the self-appointed expert on where black people were placed in the audience at the GOP convention, has assumed the role of Romney’s mind reader.

The assclowns at MSNBC  attack Romney for a supposed lack of “any foreign policy experience”.  Just a glance at Obama’s foreign policy fuckups belie that notion.

BuzzFeed is using “very senior” unnamed, anonymous Republicans who supposedly criticized Romney for criticizing Obama’s foreign policy weakness.

The New York Times  buries the embassy attack story on page 4, while throwing a hissy fit over Romney’s criticism of Obama’s limp-wristed response.

Newsweek is spewing its usual venom, lashing out at Romney for telling the truth, insisting that Obama is in an ‘impossible position’.

Salon blames Fox News for “Islamophobia”.

Andrea Mitchell: ‘Romney injecting politics into national tragedy’.

The L.A. Times thinks Romney should pair up with Rev. Terry Jones.  Koran burning is so much more despicable than rabid muzzies dragging a U.S. Ambassador out of an embassy and killing him.

Squalling she-ass Christiane Amanpour  claims ‘extremists in America are whipping up hatred’.  Hint: It ain’t  muzzie extremists she’s talking about.

Time’s Rana Foroohar compared conservative pundit Glenn Beck to the ‘Islamist industry of outrage’.  Yeah, whenever the Islamofascists go on a rampage,  it’s all Beck’s fault.

Witness the craven, embarrassing mea culpas on the part of Obama’s regime and the media’s meltdown over Romney.  That shows where their priorities are.

Good boy, media. Obama’s gonna give you a pat on the head and a nice treat.

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2 thoughts on “Leftwing Media Shills Start Covering for Obama on Middle East Fail, Slam Criticism”

  1. Wow…….Just WOW! The lame stream media is either as stupid as a box o’ rocks, or they subscribe to the same radical oppressive ideology as our fearless leader. Pretty scary when you think about how they’ve been taken over by the Marxists in the White House. And pretty maddening when the logical questions they might be asking: “Where was the body of our Ambassador for 6 when he was missing for 6 hours? or…….Why wasn’t security beefed up around our embassys especially in hot spots on 9-11? and last but not least…….WHEN EVEN EGYPT HAD INFO ON THE UPCOMING PROTESTS, WHY DIDN’T THE PRESIDENT? Oh yeah……..he was busy campaigning. He can’t be bothered reading his intel reports…….he has a “surrogate” do it for him. This man is SOOOOOO INEPT it’s not even funny!

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