New Black Panther Thugs Threaten Tampa RNC Convention

Holder’s people.

Hat tip to Breitbart.

Another profane, rambling, malignant spew from the New Black Panther race pimps.


Other shit-filled rhetoric includes:

Threatening the Tea Party.

“Suit up and boot up….Kill whitey, honkey, pink people, cracker…”

Recruiting tactics.

Kill “crackers” and white babies.

Rep Allen West (R-FL) will probably be at the RNC convention. His comments on the asswipes:

This black version of the Klan has been making threats of murder, violence, and race war since they crawled out of the woodwork.

Gee, I wonder if Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano and Obama have have considered adding these punk ass mutherfuckers to their Enemies List and Domestic Threat Assessment .

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1 thought on “New Black Panther Thugs Threaten Tampa RNC Convention”

  1. wow…

    sounds like race war talk to me…

    water, food and bullets…lotsa bullets…

    in a 20 rd mag. 4 FMJ 1 hollow point…repeat…

    center of mass/head shots…

    no prisoners…collect all dropped weapons/ammo…an’ any 40’s that are unopened…

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