Women Flock to Romney/Ryan Rallies, Andrea Mitchell Hardest Hit

From Dave Powers at michellmalkin.com

Yesterday, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell claimed that Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate was “not a pick for women.” If that’s true, how can Mitchell explain why there are so many women in these pictures.

And these.

And these.

And this one.

And these.

Were those women on their way to a Sandra Fluke speech and got lost? They might have been by the time Mitchell files her report later.

Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC hack and leftwing toady, has quite a history of dumbassity.

Some of Mitchell’s best:
She described Iowa  like this:  “It doesn’t represent the rest of the country… too white, too evangelical, too rural”.

She showed a selectively edited video to make Mitt Romney appear amazed with the cashier’s touch screen at a fast food restaraunt, when in fact, he was making a comparison between the over regulated government sector vs the more efficient private sector.

She flung the leftwing race card at the Tea Party.

Don’t like ObamaCare? According to Mitchell, you don’t know what’s good for you.

Requiring voters to show proof of identification is a “scandal”.

Mitt Romney’s ancestors “crossed the border illegally”.

Mitchell tries to defend debunked attacks on Romney, gets ass handed to her by John Sununu.

Mitchell gets owned by Donald Rumsfeld.

And by the way, Mitchell’s fervid brain is on the same warped wavelength as Zbigniew Brezinski. Both agreed that America is one of the ‘most socially unjust societies in the world’.

Islamofascist nation-states in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Indonesia where women, homosexuals, Christians, and Jews are brutally treated, are not on their radar.

Mitchell and the entire motley crew of moonbats at NBC and MSNBC in particular, are in full Obama campaign mode.


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