New Details in NYC Al Qaeda Plot

A fourth suspect in the alleged plot to blow up New York City subways has reportedly revealed shocking details about the plan involving Najibullah Zazi, reported.

The Queens native and two high school friends were planning to detonate explosives attached to their bodies at Grand Central and Times Square stations during rush hour…

……the fourth suspect was arrested in Pakistan and is likely to be extradited to Brooklyn.

The group had supposedly picked September 14, 15 or 16 as the attack date.

In February, Zazi pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court to a plot to blow up New York’s subway system last year and to links with al Qaeda.

Zazi pleaded guilty to three charges: conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country, and providing material support to the al Qaeda extremist network.

He told the federal court in Brooklyn that he had planned to blow up New York targets including the underground train system and that he wanted to “conduct mortal operations in the subway line.”
Zazi, 24, said he was ready to “sacrifice myself” in order “to draw the attention to what the United States is doing in Afghanistan.”

He faces maximum sentences of life in prison for the first two charges and 15 years for the third.

Like the rest of the Islamic jihadist fucksticks, this asshole belongs up in front of a military tribunal, not a civilian court.

The threat to the United States and the whole of Western civilization will not be exterminated by a  retarded policy of adorning the language of anti-terrorist strategy with PC terms, omissions of any reference to ‘Islamic extremism’, and Obama’s  ‘muslim outreach’ crap.

There are lots more where Zazi came from. And we’re stuck with a Dhimmi tool until 2012.

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