New York Times Solicits Readers for Dirt on Palin E-Mails

Even for the rancid New York Times, it’s come to this.

Early Thursday afternoon, Derek Willis posted on the paper’s “Caucus” blog a request surely enticing to the paper’s online liberal readership: “Help Us Investigate the Sarah Palin E-Mail Records.” Ken Shepherd at NewsBusters says enlisting newspaper readers to pore through the email trove “indirectly amounts to free oppo research for the 2012 Obama campaign.”

“On Friday, the State of Alaska will release more than 24,000 of Sarah Palin’s e-mails covering much of her tenure as governor of Alaska. Times reporters will be in Juneau, the state capital, to begin the process of reviewing the e-mails, which we will be posting on starting on Friday afternoon E.D.T.

We’re asking readers to help us identify interesting and newsworthy e-mails, people and events that we may want to highlight. Interested users can fill out a simple form to describe the nature of the e-mail, and provide a name and e-mail address so we’ll know who should get the credit. Join us here on Friday afternoon and into the weekend to participate.”

According to the article, the Washington Post (aka the Pravda on the Potomac) made a similar request.

I can cite a shit load of interesting and newsworthy items regarding their leftwing bias, censorship of opposing viewpoints, and visceral hatred of this country, the military, and Republicans. Ya think they’d “analyze” that?

This is a pathetic wag-the-dog tactic to draw attention away from Obama’s dismal failures. The media are so desperate to downplay the disastrous effects of Obamanomics, and the rest of his jack-booted socialist policies, they resort to latching on to Sarah Palin. She really scares the bejeezus out of them. They have an insane fixation on a former governor turned pundit, who probably has no further interest in running for public office.

Palin is a smart, strong, independent, take-no-bullshit kind of gal. She’s a tough, no-nonsense, intelligent, articulate, and principled person.  She’s Middle America, that’s why the Democrats hate her.

Since her entry into the foray of politics, she’s weathered an onslaught of rabid bloggers and MSM leftwingnuts who fling some of the most obscene, slanderous, filthy tirades ever manufactured.  Read some of Andrew Sullivan’s rants sometime.  They can’t find any real  dirt in her character, so they resort to targeting her daughter and Downs Syndrome infant son, because being the puerile simps they are, they lack the courage to fight with the adults.

Anthony Weiner’s tweets are so much more entertaining, but they want to scan Sarah Palin’s emails for political fodder.

Really, Willis?  Is that all you got?

For all you do, this Flaming Douche is for you.

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