Nihilist Howard Zinn Croaks at 87

Good riddance, mutherfucker.

Howard Zinn, an author, teacher and political activist whose leftist “A People’s History of the United States” became a million-selling alternative to mainstream texts and a favorite of such celebrities as Bruce Springsteen and Ben Affleck, died Wednesday. He was 87.

Zinn died of a heart attack in Santa Monica, Calif., daughter Myla Kabat-Zinn said. The historian was a resident of Auburndale, Mass.

……Although Zinn was writing for a general readership, his book was taught in high schools and colleges throughout the country, and numerous companion editions were published, including “Voices of a People’s History,” a volume for young people and a graphic novel.

“I can’t think of anyone who had such a powerful and benign influence,” said the linguist and fellow activist Noam Chomsky, a close friend of Zinn’s. “His historical work changed the way millions of people saw the past.”

At least one liberal got it right:

Even liberal historians were uneasy with Zinn. Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. once said: “I know he regards me as a dangerous reactionary. And I don’t take him very seriously. He’s a polemicist, not a historian.”

No shit. He was nothing more than a unrepentant communist who revised history for the benefit of a like-minded audience. He tailored, manipulated, and perverted the past to sell books to (mostly) leftwing academic intelligentsia and Hollywood effetes.

Communist assclown Chomsky was a good buddy and ideological comrade of Zinn’s.

From a previous post:

Noam Chomsky is one of the biggest intellectually bankrupt idiots on the planet. Not content with being a longtime Communist shill, he’s now converted to prostituting himself to every Islamofascist scumbag he can find, including lending his personal support to Hezbollah. The U.S., according to him, is the root of all evil. In Chomsky’s warped little mind, America is responsible for every single bad thing that has happened. Ever. Of course, 9/11 is all ‘our fault’. We prodded the poor Muslims into smashing planes and killing people because we, according to Chomsky, are the “real terrorists”.

That sums up the bulk of Zinn’s legion of fans.

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