Nominees for 2008 Asshat of the Year

There’s hundreds of end of the year awards that are given out by bloggers, news outlets, commentators, and columnists. This year, mine will be the Asshat of the Year. It will go to the biggest moron in the news. It’s based on the most outrageous, stupid, vapid, asinine, and/or despicable individual or group who demonstrated through word or deed, their abillity to earn the title.

The list will probably continue to grow and be modified until 31 December 2008.

And the nominees (so far) for 2008 Asshat of the Year are (in no particular order):

Harry Reid

Joe Biden

The Gay Propostion 8 protestors


The politicians who voted for a 700 Billion dollar bailout



The cackling leftwing hens at The View

The leftwing hacks at the New York Times

The Eurotrash

The Democrats

All the Obama voters and supporters


The assholes who video their crimes and post it on YouTube

Bill Ayers

Jennifer Brunner, The Ohio Secretary of State

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Andrew Sullivan

Thomas Friedman

Paul Krugman

John Murtha

Dennis Kucinich

The Canadian “Human Rights” Commisssion

Jeremiah Wright

Michael Pfleger

Keith Olbermann

Moqtada al-Sadr

Oliver Stone

Muntazer al-Zaidi

Al Franken

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