NY Times Journo Who Still Has a Job, Calls People Who Want the Country Re-Opened, ‘The Dumbest’

The response to this snobby bitch was swift. 

Via Twitchy

New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz took time out of her busy day still earning a paycheck for writing a bunch of words on a screen to shame anyone and everyone who wants the economy to open up so they don’t lose their businesses, their homes, or starve to death.

Apparently, she thinks those same people are the dumbest people on Twitter.

She received SO MUCH pushback on her tweet she deleted it BUT we were lucky enough to grab it.


‘Yes, little people, stay at home and do as you’re told,’ says the NYT reporter still getting paid because for some reason they’re ‘essential’.

Classy, right? Too bad they only deleted it because they got dragged so badly …




A fine example of liberals who actually live in an Ivory Tower. She still has a job and a paycheck. There are people in dire straights because of the government-imposed unemployment, but this scrunt calls them ‘dumb’ for wanting their jobs back. 

She’s in good company; with all the sheeple who think the lockdown is for “public safety” and mock citizens who don’t like having the constitution and their civil liberties trampled.




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