NYT Hack Thomas Friedman Prays That Obama Gets ‘Lucky’ in Libya

A leftwingnut New York Times nihilist praying to gawd that the lord-jesus-obamessiah gets “lucky” in Libya.

This is the depths to which the Old Grey Lady has sunk.

Excerpts from the pathetic, maudlin tripe:

……We have to build democracy in the Middle East we’ve got, not the one we want — and this is the one we’ve got.

That’s why I am proud of my president, really worried about him, and just praying that he’s lucky.

……Which is why, most of all, I hope President Obama is lucky. I hope Qaddafi’s regime collapses like a sand castle, that the Libyan opposition turns out to be decent and united and that they require just a bare minimum of international help to get on their feet. Then U.S. prestige will be enhanced and this humanitarian mission will have both saved lives and helped to lock another Arab state into the democratic camp.

Dear Lord, please make President Obama lucky.

Praying that Obama, an empty-suited socialist man-child with no real experience, no leadership capability, no sense of direction, no desire to protect America’s interests, and no clue, gets lucky.   This is the same New York Times and Thomas Friedman who wrote incessant, frothing diatribes against the military and the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan, while George W. Bush was in office. 

Why pray to ‘god’ when they supposedly resurrected Christ for the 2008 election?:

Saddam Hussein had to be deposed and the Al Qaeda/Taliban safehaven in Afghanistan had to be destroyed as well, remember Friedman?  But the New York Times didn’t have the same enthusiasm about those. 

If all goes well, we will be rid of the Obamessiah in 2012, and America will have a bona fide leader for a President; one that won’t substitute apology tours, golfing, and ‘closely monitoring the situation’, for tough foreign policy.

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1 thought on “NYT Hack Thomas Friedman Prays That Obama Gets ‘Lucky’ in Libya”

  1. butt neckid

    GET LUCKY???

    is da fust ho be cuttin’ him off???

    I think it would be just great if the kenyan village idjit, presidunce osamabama, caught a .50 cal round in his teeth…at say 100 yds…

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