Obama Campaign Site is Chock Full O’ Nuts

If you drop in on the official website (http://www.barackobama.com/index.php) of Barack Hussein Obama, the democratic messiah candidate, and read the posts in the “blog” section, you’ll get a good look at the moonbats who support their like-minded representative.

Just a few samples in the fruit-basket:

The “New” Black Panther Party

A pro-Palestinian lobbyist

A leftover space cadet from the 1960’s suggesting a “peace class” in public schools.

The Marxist/Socialist/Communist Party:

and The Nation of Islam, and a host of other radical crackpots too obvious and embarrassing for Obama to acknowledge, get scrubbed as soon as sites like Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin call attention to their remarks.

It’s jaw-dropping to witness the abject stupidity of those who actually believe they’re saying something intelligent:

Post from Scott Herron’s Blog:
Talking directly to dictators
By Herron – Jun 9th, 2008 at 1:14 pm EDT

It’s driving me nuts everytime a McCain supporter makes the argument that Senator Obama shouldn’t talk to leaders, like the Iranian leader, because he is supporting the killing of U.S. troops in Iraq. I want someone to point out that they just made Obama’spoint…that we’ve always refused to meet with him directly, and that maybe those kinds of talks would result in something different.
They’re making the point that our current policy hasn’t worked with the Iranian leader and no one goes in for the kill when they do. SOMEONE MAKE THE POINT.
Link: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/post/scottherron/gG5V3N

The only point here is the one on Herron’s head. ‘Talking’ to a despot like Mahmoud Amahdinejad who aids in killing U.S. troops in Iraq, is not going to result in anything ‘different’.
Obama would talk  while Iran continues with IEDs, terrorist cells, and nuclear proliferation.

Gee, if only we talked real nice to the Nazi’s, Imperialist Japanese, and the Fascist Italians, maybe it would have resulted in something different.  And if we let Obama get into a position where he can kiss the asses of the world’s Islamic tyrants, there will likely be a difference.

Like this:

Scott graduated ‘Magna-Cum-Numbnuts’ from the Jimmy Carter school of foreign policy.

And here we have a genius budding economist:

Post from Will Ray’s Blog:
Thought for Today
By Will – Jun 9th, 2008 at 1:34 pm EDT

“Our most urgent cause is to either educate Rich people to share the wealth or trickle up the pain and force them.”

Link: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/post/willray/gG5VQK

Last I checked, Barack Obama and just about every other democrat  in Congress and Senate, as well as many of their campaign-donating constituents are in the upper tax bracket.
If they ever decide to follow Ray’s Communist-based philosophy of forced equal distribution of their  wealth, I’m all for it. Give generously.

This next ramble is from one Adam Zaranski, who describes himself as a ‘Sophomore history major’, and insists that “real terrorism….is a belief than an executive branch should be allowed to enact whatever policies they choose to deal with the perceived threat.”
(READ: We’re ‘paranoid’ because Islamic terrorists killed thousands of Americans, and haven’t given up on trying again.)

Adam’s schizoid rant includes this little gem:

Terrorist administrations (Bush, of course. My emphasis.) only derive their influence from people willing to use terror to fight terror. By doing this, we have allowed global opposition to rise, thus causing Extremism to garner support. And when this undoubtedly causes them to attack us once again, these people would allow another administration to say “see, we were attacked again. If you would have followed us, we would have stopped it.” But everyone knows they neither could, nor would have stopped it. Its nearly impossible to stop such small scale plans, you simply cannot put enough security in place.
How can we, a large, proud Nation, allow ourselves to get to the point of the PATRIOT ACT? Many of us are terrified. We have come to accept the policies of terrorism as a way of keeping us safe. But it is only keeping us safe from reality.
Link: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/adamzandarski

On Adam’s little planet, fighting back against frothing Islamic zealots is “terror” and begets more extremism.  And oh my, it’s gonna cause them to attack us again, and the only one who can save us from those we ‘provoked’ , is the Obamamessiah  who will spread peace, love and granola.
There just isn’t enough security to prevent or fight back against another attack on this country, so let’s just pull the covers over our head and pretend that Islamic terrorists don’t exist.

Adam is more afraid of the Patriot Act, which incidentally has helped thwart a shitload of post 9/11 plots, than he is of the scumbags who got caught.

Adam’s ‘reality’ could use a serious dose of medication.

Obama’s  “Iraq Plan” calls for “immediate pullout of American troops”, thereby leaving the mission unfinished and the fledgling Iraqi government hanging.  He also intends to get the U.N. involved in a new Iraqi Constitution, use his  leadership to “surge diplomacy”, and  take “immediate steps” to “confront the humanitarian disaster” and “hold accountable any perpetrators of war crimes” in Iraq.

Links: http://obama.3cdn.net/537815bd5d5382d3f3_2fm6b3v5r.pdf


Leadership to ‘surge’ his diplomacy.  Fucking wow. I love how he appropriates the surge concept as his own after the success of the policy he was vehemently against.

And as for ‘going after any perpetrators of war crimes’ you can bet your ass he’s not talking about Al Qaeda. 

It’s incredible to see the nihilist excrement that Obama attracts, but considering what he is and what he stands for, it’s not surprising.  He’s a shallow, pusillanimous, superficial milksop.  He counts terrorists and anti-American hate-spewers among his friends and associates. Not to mention the rapid accumulation of some of the world’s worst Socialist and Islamic thugs as enthusiastic campaign supporters.

The giddy fans and admirers who will cast their ballots for him are a segment of society comprised of an appalling  cast of characters.  Cult-like worshipers who fill the pews at Trinity United Church of Christ who will vote for him just because of his skin color, as well as unrequited socialists and communists, and muslim fanatics salivating for a “change they can believe in”.

Unfortunately, there’s more in the Congress and Senate just like him.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs:



2 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Site is Chock Full O’ Nuts”

  1. Laura,

    Whenever some of the radicals on his site get too obvious for their own good, and their screeds get discussed across the internet, the site administrator tends to make them ‘disappear’. Ace of Spades, Little Green Footballs, and Michelle Malkin usually keep a running tab and cached pages so that you can see what they published before it did a disappearing act.


  2. Hey – has Obama purged any of his endorsements from that blog? I could have sworn I had not only seen, but forwarded links to that page announcing his endorsement from the Marxist/Socialist/Communist group (or whatever order they id’d themselves) – and now am getting an “Invalid Page” message. What do you know?

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