Obama Deals Zelaya Back into Honduras

Less than two days after senior American officials arrived in Honduras, the leader of the nation’s de facto government signed an agreement that would allow the return of the country’s ousted president, paving the way for an end to Latin America’s deepest political crisis in years. 
Supporters of the ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, demonstrated Friday in Tegucigalpa. A new agreement may end a four-month political crisis.
The deal, which was reached late Thursday and still faces the hurdle of being approved by the Honduran Congress, followed months of intransigence by leaders of the de facto government.

After President Manuel Zelaya’s expulsion from the country on June 28, the new government adamantly refused to accept his restoration to office, despite international condemnation, isolation from its neighbors and multiple rounds of failed negotiations.

Roberto Micheletti, the leader of Honduras’s de facto government, relented only after senior Obama administration officials landed in the Honduran capital to take charge of the talks, pressing the point that the United States would not recognize the coming presidential election unless he accepted the deal.

Obama threw Honduras under the bus.  He’s working diligently to get the socialist thug Manuel Zelaya reinstated, even though he was booted into exile for violating  the Honduran constitutional law.

Zelaya was ousted after ignoring orders from the Supreme Court to abandon a referendum aimed at rewriting the constitution.  He wanted it to accomodate his plans to void term limits and extend his rule. He also built a strong alliance with Venezuela’s socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez.

Not content with allowing democracy to run its course, Obama strong-arms Honduras into putting Zalaya back into power.  Micheletti should have told him to take a flying fucking leap.

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