Obama Had a Dog Named Dinner

I’m only going to post about this once, because the pictures are funny.

The Dems should know by now that trying to use stupid shit for political gain, gains nothing.

Mitt Romney’s form of transportation for the family dog pales in comparison to Obama’s choice of cuisine.



Now that the Dem’s 15 minute distraction has failed, let’s get on with more important issues. Like the SCOAMF’s economic, national security, and war on terrorism failures.  Come November, Obama’s myrmidons will be eating crow.

1 thought on “Obama Had a Dog Named Dinner”

  1. off the reservation

    Liberalism, elite sanctimony and piety abounds. The “Do as I say!” crowd. All they want to do is control everybody in the fashion the liberals deem appropriate.

    Well here is one for the liberals. I believe in liberal cuisine. I prefer a big fat liberal, on a stick, charbroiled in their juices. Prepare by first removing their scalp. Make certain to properly clean the liberal abdominal cavity to remove all of their defecation material. Realize that this removes more than half the available mass of the liberal, which is why I recommend a large, obese liberal. Fortunately, there are a large number of largely overweight liberals out there. Generally, they do not put up a fight since they are hoping that some government official will come along to pull their ass out of the fire.

    Oh, and remember to leave some select scraps for your dog. They will appreciate it!

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