Obama Laments Fox News Won’t Kiss His Ass

….Or suck his dick, either.

In a CNBC interview with John Harwood, Obama discusses the one major outlet that simply won’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Harwood: “When you and I spoke in January. I observed that you hadn’t gotten much bad press. You said:
“It’s coming.” Media critics would say not only has it not come, but that you’ve gotten such favorable press either because of bias or because your good box office. That it’s hurting the country because you’re not being sufficiently held accountable for your policies. Assess that.”

Obama: “It’s very hard for me to it to swallow that one. First of all I’ve got…one televison station that’s entirely devoted to attacking my administration and I mean that’s a pretty…

Harwood: “I assume you’re talking about Fox…”

Obama: “…and that’s a pretty big megaphone. And you’d be hard pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front.”

More at Politico:

Anyone with cognitive skills would be hard pressed to find anything “positive” in your tyranical socialist agenda or the Dem sockpuppets in Congress and Senate.

With all the sickening adoration gushing from the Obama state media—the CBS-NBC-ABC-PBS-CNN news conglomerate—he’s threatened by a network that has the audacity to pick him apart.

Thank god for Fox News and all of the conservative pro-American/pro-military websites and talk radio. Without them, we certainly would not have a voice in resistance to the far Left media cesspool.

That’s a great megaphone to have.

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