Obama Planned to Apologize to Japan for Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (UPDATED)


Another example of the despicable nature of Obama’s flawed character. 

A world apology tour in 2009, a 2010 boot-licking speech in front of the United Nations, an apology for killing a scumbag muzzie terrorist before he could help kill more Americans, and now this.

Leaked cables show Japan nixed a presidential apology to Hiroshima and Nagasaki for using nukes to end the overseas contingency operation known as World War II. Will the next president apologize for the current one?

……It’s yet another part of the world apology tour that began with Obama taking the oath of office to protect and defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, something he immediately felt sorry for.

One stop on his tour was Prague in August 2009. There he spoke of “America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons,” ignoring that before 1945 we lived in such a world and it was neither peaceful nor secure.

Another stop on the tour was in Japan, where Obama in November 2009 bowed to the emperor, something no American president had ever done. It could have been worse if plans to visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima to apologize for winning the war with the atom bombs had come to pass.

A heretofore secret cable dated Sept. 3, 2009, was recently released by WikiLeaks. Sent to Secretary of State Clinton, it reported Japan’s Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka telling U.S. Ambassador John Roos that “the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a ‘nonstarter.'”

The Japanese feared the apology would be exploited by anti-nuclear groups and those opposed to the defensive alliance between Japan and the U.S.

Japan should fear the anger of Americans over the anti-nuke idiots. It’s so like B. Hussein to ingratiate himself to a country who helped start WWII and attacked the U.S. I’m sure if he got a few minutes alone with Bin Laden he would have sucked his cock.

The pathetic toady just can’t get off of his apology kick. It’s sickening and repulsive to think this worthless fuckstick even got out of Chicago.

UPDATE:  The Obama regime has denied any plan to apologize, but as you can see by the cable, the impression was there. Read it. How do you think the Japs got the notion?

Here’s the section of the cable in question:

(C) VFM Yabunaka pointed out that the Japanese public
will have high expectations toward President Obama’s visit to
Japan in November, as the President enjoys an historic level
of popularity among the Japanese people.  Anti-nuclear
groups, in particular, will speculate whether the President
would visit Hiroshima in light of his April 5 Prague speech
on non-proliferation.  He underscored, however, that both
governments must temper the public’s expectations on such
issues, as the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to
apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a
“non-starter.”  While a simple visit to Hiroshima without
fanfare is sufficiently symbolic to convey the right message,
it is premature to include such program in the November
visit.  Yabunaka recommended that the visit in November
center mostly in Tokyo, with calls on the Emperor and Prime
Minister, as well as some form of public program, such as
speeches, an engagement at a university, or a town hall-like
meeting with local residents.  Highlighting the busy
political calendar in the coming weeks, including the
election of the new Prime Minister, launching of the new
Cabinet, and the Prime Minister’s participation in the UN
General Assembly and the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit, Yabunaka
noted that both sides should begin working quickly on the
President’s November visit.  The Ambassador conveyed an

TOKYO 00002033  003.2 OF 003

informal invitation for the new Prime Minister to attend the
Pittsburgh Summit, adding that an official invitation will
follow once the Prime Minister is elected.


Wanna bet he was going to do just that?  Hell, he apologized to everyone else. Japan was just another apology on the itinerary.



(So sorry for bombing your peaceful country of Japan. I don’t know what got into us. I grovel at your feet, Emperor Akihito.)

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2 thoughts on “Obama Planned to Apologize to Japan for Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (UPDATED)”

  1. I think you got your perspectives on the wrong side her.

    In Japan, bureaucrats do not rightly represent the will of the people.
    They don’t speak for the people, they don’t stand for the people.

    Many Japanese were outraged by this very remark you highlighted, that he was “out of line” to say such thing without having the Ministers speak out for the people first. And as you can assume, Japan is a very bureaucracy-centered nation. So once Yabunaka spoke out, the Ministers shut themselves up. It’s just power in the play.

    So most of the Japanese people think that Obama wanted to apologize but it was sabotaged by the bureaucracy. And BTW, Yabunaka is one of the most powerful man in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more powerful than the Minister himself. He represents the voice of the bureaucracy not the people, or even the government.

    1. Takahhiro,
      So which perspective do I have wrong?

      1. That Obama planned on apologizing for a justified military action that probably saved thousands of American lives.
      2. That Yabunaka told him that might not be such a hot idea.
      3. That there are still people in Japan who want America to apologize for ending a war they started.

      Please clarify.
      SFC MAC

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