Obama Regime Pressured Coal Contractors to Lie About Job Losses From Regulation

It’s the Chicago Way.

The Obama administration pressured analysts to change an environmental review to reflect fewer job losses from a proposed regulation, the contractors who worked on the review testified Friday.

The dispute revolves around proposed changes to a rule regulating coal mining near streams and other waterways. The experts contracted to analyze the impact of the rule initially found that it would cost 7,000 coal jobs.

But the contractors claim they were subsequently pressured to not only keep the findings under wraps but “revisit” the study in order to show less of an impact on jobs.

Steve Gardner, president of Kentucky consulting firm ECSI, claimed that after the project team refused to “soften” the numbers, the firms working on the study were told the contract would not be renewed. ECSI was a subcontractor on the project.

The government “‘suggested’ that the … members revisit the production impacts and associated job loss numbers, with different assumptions that obviously would then lead to a lesser impact,” Gardner testified before a House Natural Resources subcommittee.”The … team unanimously refused to use a ‘fabricated’ baseline scenario to soften the production loss numbers.”

During the 2008 campaign, the “Community Organizer” said emphatically that he wanted to ‘bankrupt’ the coal industry. 


The same union-saturated coal industry that touted his election as  “a new day for American coal miners and all working families throughout our nation.”   How’s that “new day” working out for you labor slugs?

Since he got elected, he’s engaged in graft to support  his taxpayer-funded eco-scams.

The more that comes out about this  corrupt little Marxist, the uglier it gets.

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