Obama “Resets” Button With Russia by Swapping Spys

Hey B. Hussein…how does Putin’s ass taste?

Via Big Peace.

……Within five days of rounding up ten of eleven individuals the FBI had under surveillance for ten years in connection with a KGB (sorry, the new name is FSB) covert influence operation, they are all being sent back to Mother Russia.  In that respect, the Obama administration actually handled the Abdulmuttalab case somewhat better; at last check, he’s still in federal custody – presumably, awaiting a prisoner exchange with al Qaeda.

No wait, al Qaeda doesn’t have any U.S. prisoners.  But then, it is not clear Russia has any U.S. spies in custody, either.

Instead, the letter submitted by the Justice Department late today to Judge Kimba Wood, who has presided over the Russian Ten’s brief prosecution and their confessions, says that – in exchange for repatriating them to the Motherland – the United States will get “four individuals who are incarcerated in Russia for alleged contact with Western intelligence agencies.”

While the latter four have not been named at this writing, it seems as though the Obama Justice Department is not saying they actually were engaged in espionage.  Even if they were, it is not clear whether they were working for us.

This sort of deal calls to mind the so-called “New START” Treaty of which President Obama is so proud.  The world “lousy” comes to mind.  After all, both the “spy swap” and the recently concluded arms control negotiations seem to have turned Ronald Reagan’s successful strategy for winning the Cold War on its head:  Under Obama, it’s more like: “We lose, they win.”

That Barack…he’s such a tough negotiator at foreign policy, isn’t he?
Hey Barry, Vlad called. He said thanks for the blow job.

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