Virginia Lawmaker to Obama: ‘Go Ahead, Sue Us, Too’

The Justice Department’s lawsuit against Arizona’s controversial immigration law won’t stop Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart’s campaign to bring a similar law to Virginia.

If anything, said Stewart (R-At Large), he will push harder to get legislation passed at the state level that would enhance police officials’ power to capture, detain and deport illegal immigrants and create specific Virginia penalties for illegal immigrants.

“I think the Obama administration has made a strategic blunder,” Stewart said. “The Justice Department is going to have egg on its face when its case is dismissed. Arizona is on very firm legal footing, and the administration is just trying to intimidate Arizona.”

Last month, Stewart launched the Virginia Rule of Law Campaign to rally support for Virginia immigration legislation. Stewart said Virginia needs to follow in Arizona’s footsteps, even if it sends President Obama’s administration after the commonwealth.

“I hope the Justice Department sues Virginia, as well,” he said. “I hope they have so many targets that they are unable to focus on Arizona. . . . Every state that supports Arizona should implement a similar law to make it impossible for the [federal government] to focus on any one state or jurisdiction.”

Several states have already announced new legislation in opposition to Obama’s and Holder’s lax illegal immigration stance. We’re tired of the invasion. Obama and his DOJ assclowns are now feeling the wrath of a fed-up America. This self-absorbed thug despises this country.  He and the Dems declared war against the United States with stifling, oppressive laws and power grabs that would make Vladimir Lenin green with envy.  The lawsuit against Arizona is just one more attempt to intimidate and control what Obama deems as a threat to his autocracy. 

Newsflash, Dear Leader: we’re all a threat.

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